October 24, 2009

:: sponsor welcome ::

Please welcome my newest sponsor... Resa Design.
custom tee

Resa Design "products are perfect for parents who want more out of their baby gear and clothes. Modern styles, in cool and stylish fabrics for the gear you use the most." I think if you are looking for that perfect birthday tee or for your child to be able to wear "their special letter" then Resa Design has exactly what you are looking for. 

A few months ago, a friend of mine was looking for the perfect birthday tee, but just couldn't find anyone with a selection of fabric that she liked, but that was until I introduced her to Resa Design. She was suddenly flooded with a ton of options that she loved. After choosing a tee and fabric choice, then she had me create a custom alphabet crown to match the tee all in preparation to celebrate her son's birthday. She was so happy with the outcome of both the tee and crown! I was glad that I was able to share with her Resa Design. 

For Cakies readers, Resa Design is giving away one alphabet tee in white in the size and color of your choice! In addition to the giveaway, Resa Design is offering Cakies readers 20% off orders using coupon code CAKIES20 (expires 10/31/09). Oh! And just for fun, should you win and have a little girl, I will be glad to make a custom alphabet hair clip to match the tee and send it along your way...

To enter in the giveaway, comment with the following information:
1. Your favorite fabric option should you win the alphabet tee. 
2. Something you want for Christmas (just trying to keep it fun, not that it isn't already!). 

The giveaway will end at 8am PST on Wednesday, October 28th and don't forget to come back Thursday to this particular post as this is where the winner will be announced. Good luck!!! Thank you so much Resa Design!!!

resa design website...
resa design blog...

Winner is... Jara!!! Congratulations and please email me with your color choice, size, and letter, as well as your address. Thanks everyone for entering!!!


  1. I love the cherry tomato! I'd love a new camera for christmas, too! Preferably a Canon. ;)

  2. Hello Cakies :D

    1. I adore the green apple fabric, if I were to win.
    2. I am craving a cupcake tatoo for me, a cruiser bicycle for Mama and some clothes for Papa.

    Thanks for the chance.


  3. i think i'd choose olive pink...or maybe hot blue dot or citrus. haha, can you tell i like them all?

  4. I would pick olive pink for my little girl. Such a great sponser, thanks!

  5. 1)I love teh Olive Green fabric!
    2)I am asking for the amazing knitpicks bamboo needle set (for knitting). It has been a long time coming :)!
    Sarah M

  6. I like the spot fabric and I am dreaming of a certain Canon camera...

  7. i love the spot or opal fabric
    with the letter "E"

    unfortanetly we dont celebrate christmas. we are jewish and we live in israel. but for me religen doesnt count at all. christmas is beautiful and i hope one day to celebrate it..


  8. i love the hot dots pattern...darling!

    and I want a new camera, badly.

  9. love the mocca with my girls in mind and olive green for my son.

    and for christmas--ooh, a new camera.

  10. Should I win, I would pick the green apple fabric! Super cute tees!

    I would like a new camera for christmas as well, wow, it's refreshing too know I'm not the only one in need of a new camera! = )

  11. Hooray for Resa Design! The fabric of the tshirts she uses is a divine cotton that stays so soft. I love her new website pics too.
    1) Fav fabric for alphabet T? Hot Dot Black. And for my little girl's hair, the letter C. (my initial too. could I get away wearing it? ha!)
    2) For Christmas? I'd like serenity. But if that doesn't happen, an external flash for my camera wouldn't be bad either.
    Have a great weekend!

  12. I like the olive pink and for Christmas I want a new camera.

  13. ohhh soo many choices. i would have to go with the olive green pattern.
    for christmas i would love our religious worker visa extension to come thru. thanks! melanie

  14. I like the olive pink, hot dot blue, or maybe apple green. :)
    For Christmas? A laptop would be lovely!



  15. I would love a letter 'E" in hot dot blue for my newborn.
    I really can't think of anything I would want for Christmas...I just had the most beautiful baby girl a week ago and I can't think of anything else I want!

  16. Hi Ruby, I love this giveaway thingy you do...I would love the dot blue fabric...with the letter "C"...and for christimas i would love to watch my son open his gift and see a t-shirt made in dot blue with a letter C on it..and for him to be so happy and proud his mommy won it for him! thxs :) happy birthing :)

  17. I love the temple design. For Christmas I would love to get a label maker - I'm an organized wanna be! Thanks for the chance to win, LOVE your happy blog!!!!


  18. I like that olive pink in a h for my little gal.

    For christmas, I was some more dye for my ukranian egg kit-

  19. I love her stuff. I think I first saw her tees in a circus birthday blog post maybe???

    Anyway. I would love to win an adorable alphabet tee! I think I'd want it in hot dot black... Yes. That'd be perfect.

    For Christmas, I would like a blue velvet couch. That's not asking too much, is it??? ha ha ha.

    Love, Susan

  20. I love the opal

    and I want this for christmas:
    I've been dreaming about how gorgeous it would look on my newly redone bathroom wall!


  21. I love the mocca fabric - I have that in a headband!

    Hmmm... and for Christmas, I would LOVE a new purse from Chloe - but my husband just ends up surprising me anyway with his pick!

  22. I would go with "pear" for the pattern - it is just too cute! and for christmas, i'd like season 1 or 3 of "psych" on dvd. a fun thing to own, but not necessary to buy for myself!

  23. My favourite fabric is the cherry tomato in a birthday tee.

    For Christmas, I would love a child's picture book. Any will do.

    Renee xoxo

  24. I like the hot dot blue. For Christmas I want it to snow - it will be my first northern hemisphere Christmas and might be my first white Christmas!

  25. My favorite fabric would be green apple... and for Christmas, what I most want is a winter coat! Everyone needs one of those. :)

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