October 21, 2009


I have been doing some sewing lately, some of it for the shop and some for fun. Here are just a few of what has come out of my sewing times...

First off, it is wonderful to have another friend (via web) going through almost the same things I am going through in terms of our roundness. Though, she is due in just a couple weeks and I have a few more to go. This little frock was a vintage find, but it called for a little more. Thus, I added a special deer friend for a special little girl name Ruby who will be welcomed into this world very soon.
vintage but moderna gift for ruby
I think it was a perfect little thing to send for the daughter of the mama who is the epitome of vintage with a modern twist!

Then, I made some custom made bags for this lovely lady. Each have a lovely little hand embroidered piece clueing in to what may be hiding inside. They are fashioned after True's little dance bag. I was able to make one more bag from the same fabric True's bag was made of (minus the outside of the handles), so that little ballerina bag (the third one from the left) will probably be up in the shop on Friday. There will only be one. 
little kid bagsinside of the bags
These little bags were fun to make, but I totally forgot that I am kinda slow at the whole embroidery thing. I ought to practice more to get a lot faster, and it seems this burgeoning belly is keeping me in bed more and more, so maybe the time to practice has come! Now, I just need to find the right embroidery project.

I have a grand list of things to do today, which include organizing True's closet, figure out Halloween sewing, and trying to get to my doughnut recipe figured out. Wish me luck...

What do you have up your sleeve today?


  1. SO SO EXCITED! they look gorgeous! Just like you! xoxoxo

  2. Oh goodness, I love that deer. Love it all.

  3. how lovely!! lucky friend! love all your work of course.

    today i am looking at a VAN to buy in san clemente to carry around all my stuff for craft shows.. i've outgrown my prius!

    totally thought about getting a MINI VAN! hahahhaaaa. ;)

  4. The dress is absolutely perfect! I can't wait until she's big enough to twirl around in it.

    Thanks for your thoughtfulness, Ruby!!!

  5. The deer on the dress is adorable.

    Renee xoxo

  6. Hi Ruby-
    Will be stalking your blog to ensure that Lila gets that adorable ballet bag for Christmas!!
    So cute!

  7. Oops...meant stalking your shop!! :)

  8. so much cute! today i had class and am going to try to catch up on stitching 35...yes i said 35 felt treat bags for zoes little preschool class only a few days until the halloween party :)

  9. such a small world! i have been to red velvet art. they are here in town!


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