October 16, 2009

friday at last

Means another shop update and more of these lovely ladies and other goodies.
lovely ladies
I am hoping to get more good stuff in next week. Does anyone know where I can buy more time (and energy) for a day?

The weekend is up and I love weekends because my Ben is home. I love him being home. Last night, when we went to bed, I hugged him tight and he hugged me tight. I love being in his arms and falling asleep that way, though somehow we always manage to wake up on opposite sides of the bed. He is so handsome and I just love him too much!!! I don't like it when he leaves for work, but I guess somebody's got to pay the bills around here.

This weekend we are headed off to a pumpkin festival. It is our yearly family tradition to go and this time we are prepared with a wagon. Therefore, we will be able to lug some nice pumpkins home with us!

Here are some pictures from our previous years...
True's first halloween
(2006: True's first time at the pumpkin patch)

our first trip to the pumpkin farm
(2006: family of three)

(2007: family of four)

(2008: Brave can walk around the pumpkins)

(2008: family of four)

I can't believe how our little family has grown! Time flies when you're having fun...

Had to do re-do giveaway winner, so check it here and come back tomorrow to welcome another fabulous sponsor!


  1. Oh my gosh. Those pictures are too cute! I wish I could give you advice on how to buy more time/energy...unfortunately I've been wondering the same thing lately.

  2. http://www.ocgp.org/2009/09/spice-up-your-life-%e2%80%93-grow-your-own-herbs/

    i thought you girls and ben would like this.

  3. you guys are darling! have fun!

  4. love these family shots! did you guys use a timer/remote or is there somebody taking these photos? Either way: super fabulous job.

  5. All the pics are cute, but the first one of True in the pumpkin outfit is too adorable! Would love to go pumpkin picking, but no such farms nearby us!

  6. What sweet pictures... just think, next year there will be yet another little lady in your picture. Such a beautiful family you have!

  7. what an absolute darling family! i'm so happy to have found you through sweet sweet life's blog. love, love, loved the peeks into your sweet home. i have 2 boys and it is so fun to see sweet little girls' rooms:):) happy weekend to you all! xox...jenn

  8. Aww!! I love those pumpkin patch pictures! Gorgeous family pics :)


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