September 15, 2009

polaroid tuesday: week thirty-seven

Dear polaroid camera,

Please don't be jealous, but I got this little pretty thing to take pictures with too. You are still by far my favorite as I don't even know how to use a Savoy or what to substitute for 620mm film. You have no need to worry. You are not being replaced.

week thirty-seven
Anyone have any clues how to use this cute thing?


  1. Hi Ruby,

    620 film is the same as 120 film (readily available), the only different being the spools (620 spools are smaller)

    Some film stores actually sell 620 film (they re-spool 120 film). I got some recently at B&H photo in NY:

    You can also re-spool 120 film on your own, if you have a changing bag or access to a darkroom.

    Here's a good tutorial:


  2. hey ruby!

    i actually have 120 film. I was looking for 110 but bought the 120 film by accident.

    So if you wanna buy it from me, you can. I only have one roll. But it's unopened.

    Just let me know if you want it, cuz it's just gonna sit in my room unused.


  3. oh man, i have no idea but that is friggin awesome, fret not polaroid, its just a new friend!

  4. Wow! I have the same camera, mine is aqua blue! I have wondered the same thing about the film. I'll be back to see what others have to suggest =)

  5. steph- i will look into it! thanks! where would i get film like that developed?

    krissa- sure! how much is the film!

    fallon- ooh! aqua blue?!! that sounds pretty!!! i want to see!!!

    anyone else, please keep the suggestions coming!

  6. I have the same Savoy. Although I do not use it... yet. Goodluck!


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