September 22, 2009

polaroid tuesday: week thirty-eight

I wanted all these tin letters from the flea market.
week thirty-eight
I think they would have looked nice on a colored wall, but I have white walls.


  1. :( paint your wall and go back and get them!

  2. oh man that would have been a great plan! your so creative.

  3. tin letters!! what an amazing find... lucky you!

  4. oh i would love to have found some! i've been hunting down some vintage letters for our dining area

  5. ...but it makes for an awesome polaroid shot!!! :)

  6. white letters on a white wall is perfect! subtle, you wouldn't get tired of it easily and the soft shadows you'd get would be beautiful.
    yes, go back for them!

  7. are they home with you or still at the flea market? You need to go back and get them....

  8. i've been on a mad search for these - did you buy them? if so, do you happen to have an "L" you wouldn't mind parting with? i'll gladly pay you :)


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