September 21, 2009


i like this arrangementbasket and zinc starter containersold basket, enamel colander, and tin lettersflea market goodiesold french sign
Warm sun. Lovely flea market. Good finds. Ran into a friendly face. Being with my favorite person. The day was perfect.

Today, we have two winners. The Skirball giveaway winners are Jenny Stevning and Sara. Congratulations!!! Your families will love this exhibit as it is absolutely amazing.


  1. Are those blue bowls? If so I LOVE them!!

  2. I love your pictures! they are so good and artistic. I love flea markets too !

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  3. there is nothing like a great flea market with friends and loved ones.
    I just got my daughter into garage sales and thrift shops, and she begs to go now every weekend.
    It is such a beautiful adventure especially when you find such lovely things.

    The lighting in these photos is so beautiful...

  4. I love the french sign! Lucky you!

  5. I'm sure it was such a great day spent at the flea with such wonderful finds, being with the favorite person of all time, under the perfect warm sun!

  6. Such GLEE!!! I won! I won! :)
    I am thrilled! Thank you! I am sure it sounds cliche but I have never won anything like this before.
    And I covet your flea market find.

  7. Sigh.

    Can I come and live at your house?

    : )

  8. Is this a flea market in Seattle?! Looks like it was a beautiful sunny day!


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