September 24, 2009


Last night, some of us made our way to Skirball to watch Coco Before Chanel. It was just marvelous, despite the fact we got lost in L.A. a bit, but we managed to make it right when the movie started. Thankfully, Alex from the Skirball also came to our rescue as they were letting no one else in (Thank you so much Alex!).
at skirball
Back to Coco Chanel... wow! Everything about the film was just gorgeous! I was inspired to get home and start sewing, though I did have to resist as I did not make it home until about 11:30pm and had an anxious husband waiting for me to go to sleep (Ben can't sleep unless I am with him). I highly recommend watching this film. I mean, I am no sophisticated sewer or designer, but gosh it makes me wish I was! And I must say that I loved all the furniture in the film. I definitely have a penchant for French furniture and was ooh-ing and ahh-ing over everything.

At the screening, I was able to meet up with Karen and Renee, though I am afraid I may have missed some others who may have been there. Hopefully, there will be another chance to meet! The silly girls that we are kept on taking pictures because all our shots and poses seem to come out funny.

Take one: The only place I could find for me and belly was at the back.
take one

Take two: Why are they around me like I am their mother? And what happen to the other two?
take two

Take three: Much better.
take three

Now, the bigger I am getting (I really can't imagine getting any bigger, but I still have a couple months left), clothes are getting more difficult. I seriously wear the same thing over and over again. Thus, I set off to make another dress just like this one. This time I used some vintage fabric that I got at a recent thrift store excursion. I thought it was a nice choice for the fall, though I wish I had these shoes to wear with it.
my dressanother wannabe
I am definitely no Coco Chanel with my sewing or designing skills, but she is one fantastic inspiration.

Funny conversation following the movie:
Me: I am inspired to go home and sew.
Linda: I am inspired to go buy a Chanel bag.

Like I said, Coco Chanel is inspiring. Hmm... what shall I sew next?


  1. what a beautiful dress! makes me want to go sew my self one too! that's too cute he cant sleep without you, that's truly love.

  2. what fun! and i so enjoyed the little peek at that conversation! hilarious :O)

  3. I'll start bugging John for the purse now... maybe he can save for the next 30 years and get me one for my 57th bday. .....:/

  4. ooo yes! i want to see this movie!

  5. i loved the dress on you!

    i loved our picture!

    I wish I was rich so I can buy us chanel bag.


    it was so much fun, even when we got lost!!

  6. i was so happy to have you guys at skirball last night. thanks for making the trek! that dress is lovely and looked very adorable on you! hope to see you again soon. =)

  7. My goodness we must have barely missed each other!

    It was definitely a fun evening!

  8. thanks all! i had so much fun that evening. the movie is gorgeous!!! go watch it!!!

    and yes, ellen- buy us a bag!!!


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