August 11, 2009

polaroid tuesday: week thirty-two

This ride at the fair freaked us out. Something about being on strings on a swing, being swung round and round high up in the air (it was really high up, not like the normal low ones), makes me feel a bit unsteady. I used to be all about scary rides, but I think having kids changed me. Now, I am kinda chicken.
week thirty-two
Anyone else feel this way about scary or should I say, adventurous, rides?

And today is my Mommy's birthday. I need a polaroid of her. Happy birthday Mom! I (we) love you!!!


  1. Oh, my, I agree about the scary rides. I used to be a roller-coaster addict. Now, I can barely look at pictures of the London Eye (Ferris wheel) without feeling a little bit faint.
    I think having kids makes you realise JUST how fragile life is? So, although being thrown around at goodness-knows-how-many-miles-an-hour is fun... it's also just a bit too risky.

    Either that, or it's a lifelong hangover from morning sickness!

    Karen (Scotland)
    (long time lurker but I don't comment often - your creativity and dedication overwhelm me!)

  2. lol i totally agree i used to love crazy roller coasters and such now i try to stay away :) BUT this picture is lovely!! i have a print of fair swings in my craft space it makes me smile!!
    adrienne K

  3. That ride looks fabulous...although I too have become less adventurous in that department.

  4. i don't have kids yet, but i noticed that as i get older, i'm less and less thrilled about rides. I used to loved those swings growing up, and now i wouldnt even look at it without getting dizzy....

  5. I used to love that ride... although I probably would never get on it again! The ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier was scary enough for me! And that pillow you made... genius! And adorable!!

  6. Haha, Yes, I'm right there with you as well! I've completely lost my edge in regards to rides like that! I used to be the first in line for just about any and everything crazy and adventurous. Now that I'm a mom, I worry about things WAY too much and even have bad dreams about bad things happening...*sigh* oh, for the carefree, worry-free and childless days... :)

  7. I only this year started liking scary rides (and that only includes roller coasters; I'm still chicken about everything else) and even though I can't get enough of them, those swing rides freak me out!! It's terrifying. Especially if they're high.

    Also a few months ago I almost flew out of a different 'basic' ride so I'm a little paranoid now!!


  8. haha oh my. that ride would probably freak me out as well... i LOVE rollercoarsters but HATE Farris wheels.

  9. I haven't been on any scary rides since having kids, but I did go on a bike for the first time since I was a kid recently. It didn't have back-pedal brakes and I was TERRIFIED!

  10. this picture turned out awesome!
    i love the dollhouse pillow, you make me excited to have kids someday. :)

  11. i guess it is normal for us to lose a bit of our adventurous side when we have kids. nice to know i am not the only one who has become a chicken! :)


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