August 10, 2009

our weekend end

Goodness. Hello back to those who said hello for the first time and thank you all for the giant dollhouse love. I told you, it really is giant, but you don't realize that until you see Brave lying down in it, do you?

The weekend was definitely good. The girls ended up staying with their Grammie and Grumpy until Sunday morning when they came to visit our church and pass our kids back to us. Now, Grammie and Grumpy say they are on vacation from vacation. No doubt vacations are always busy when you have two little toddlers in tow. What did we do during this time? We had a nice Friday night date night and a Saturday morning breakfast date, and did lots of work between all those times. It was fruitful and fun, but we missed the girls dearly. The house is eerily quiet without them here. 

We ended the girls' fun-filled week with a trip to the O.C. Fair. It is our familial yearly tradition and it gets busier and more expensive every year as the girls are able and want to do more. Nevertheless, it is super fun as we all spend time together. 
fair peoplemy babiesshe loves pink (and blue)ready to go up?funnel cake... yikes!kiss his cheekat the fairlaughing for the picture
Now, it is back to normal and time to reprogram the girls back to their routine schedules. I was able to do lots of crafting with them gone, so a big shop update will be happening soon. Promise. Until then, happy Monday!


  1. What sweet photos of you and your ADORABLE family! I love that last one of just the girls... LOVE IT.

  2. Love all the scenes you took shots of--what a great weekend for you all!

  3. Your pictures are so beautiful and fun. Looks like a great time!

  4. it's always good to have time to real time, not rushed.

    mmm fair funnel cake & those swirly potato chips. We have our fair next month.

  5. Ohhh yes, funnel cake is the very best. Even with the powder all over your face and clothes, it's tasty goodness.

  6. GASP??? Ben let you have a funnel cake?! oh my.

    and if you wanna save $$ you have to go on the first day - All rides are half off!!!!!

  7. So cute! Your daughters are so adorable! I still can't get over how awesome the giant dollhouse pillow is. You did a great job :)

  8. that last photo is awesome!! looks like a blast. xo

  9. i took my 3 ages 8, 5 and 2 on that giant ferris wheel and it freaked me out with my middle son leaned over the edge at the top to take some photographs


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