August 24, 2009

a good weekend

plop! plop! plop!they loved the waterplop!she was Brave!the cold lessens the feet swelling
We spent Saturday at the beach with some friends. Sunday was a full day with church in the morning, Unique LA in the afternoon (running into this gal and chatting up with this gal), and dinner at my parents' house in the evening. 'Twas a happy, happy weekend!

Hope your weekend was just as full and good.

p.s. I gave one of my good friends a braided necklace for a "just because" package. Did anyone do any "just because" packages this weekend?


  1. so fun! i did not do a "just because" present this weekend,but we did have a just because picnic/tea party:) i guess that's a present of sorts :)
    adrienne K

  2. Oh my ! what a lovely day you had! i tried to get to the beach thisweekend but mr. weather man had different plans for me. I just sent out a Just because package to Jasmine from an Experiment in poverty.

  3. Love the belly photo! I WAS inspired to do a few "just because" packages this weekend. Still makes me smile to think of my friends' faces when they open them!!!!

  4. does ordering your 6 year old a very important Bakugan count?
    Love your tummy...does it have a name yet?
    You heard Gaby had her baby, right?

  5. i wish i was at a beach right now :( little hands are lovely.
    (also stripe dresses :D)

  6. eeeekkkk cute pics.
    what a fabulous weekend.

  7. Oh!

    I want to hug you - and your belly, too :O) Yay for making memories at the beach!

  8. Oops! I almost forgot... Yes please, of course, I do still want the crown! I'll email you!

  9. Hi Brave and True, I like to look at your super cool pics!
    Come and play with me!


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