May 5, 2009

polaroid tuesday: week eighteen

I love flowers. This polaroid looks like a painting...
week eighteen
Have I told you that I was once a floral designer? I used to do weddings. Maybe I will show you some pictures sometime.

Tuesday is already is a good day. I am so honored to be asked to be part of Jen's "a week of mothers." Hop on over to Ambrosia Girl to read my little interview. Thanks Jen! 

Then, stop over to Spearmint Baby to see the feature on Brave and True's rooms (you probably have already seen this) and my shop. I love this blog as it finds some really cool vintage items for kids. I am drooling over this wallpaper!

Like I said, Tuesday is a good day. Happy Tuesday!


  1. oh my.. this does look like a painting. xo.

  2. floral designer too?!?! you are very talented!!

  3. I am smiling!!! Happy Tuesday Rubyellen! Congratulations on more good exposure!!! ;) Your photo is really cool!

  4. just like a beautiful painting

  5. I love True and Brave's rooms! Your house makes me so happy because I know someday (Lord willing!) I'll be wanting to make my house creatively beautiful on a tight budget - and it can be done!


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