May 6, 2009

flowers on my mind

That's what spring is about after all, right?
daisy crown
This new crown will be up in the shop sometime today or tomorrow. Time is a rarity for me these days...

And True's little birthday made its way to Cookie Magazine's Nesting blog... so fun! Thank you!


  1. the birthday party was just perfect.

  2. What a wonderful birthday! You are so creative. I love the crown too.

  3. Glad you made it in the Cookies blog.

    Thought of Goldilocks when I made millet porridge the other night.

  4. woo hooo!! that's awesome!! I knew I missed the birthday post and am here to find it... then I see this!! You absolutely do the best birthdays!!! AND I totally love this crown! I wish I had one like this when I was little!!


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