April 13, 2009

to each her own

Easter was full of Christ, family, food, and lots of fun. All was done in each girls' home-sewn dress. Ben was joking around that he needed something, well, maybe next year, but for us (girls that is!) it was perfect for all the festivities...
True's easter dress
Brave's easter dress
my easter dress
From top to bottom:
True's was made of a very pretty striped linen. It was originally intended for Brave, but seeing how I kind of guess everything, it ended up a tad big. Ends up True was requesting pink of sorts, thus this slight mishap was perfect for her.

Brave's was made of an orangey-salmon-ish linen and the print was cotton voile. I was so stuck on how to make Brave's. I had different ideas in mind. Actually, I started making a grey-bluish dress, but messed up and got frustrated and scrapped that idea all together. I started this at around 8 at night on Saturday and finished about an hour and half later (with lots of interruptions in between). I was really happy with the result and loved the color combination. Plus, making my own bias tape is so fun and easy (thanks to bias tape maker)!

My dress was a replica of this dress that I loved, but cannot afford, thus I made it in an eggplant colored cotton. It was close enough to me. I totally forgot to take a picture of me wearing it, but that's fine. I loved it and Ben likes it a lot because it hugs my body a bit more, which makes me love it because it is all about being eye candy for my husband, right? Anyways. I love him. I want to make another like this, but maybe in the red. That would be perfect for summer!
i like eggs
I must say each dress was loved and worn all day long and it was a splendid Resurrection Sunday!!!


  1. All of these dresses are so adorable! Wonderful job!

  2. What lovely dresses! The colours really suit your cute little girls. What a Happy Easter!

  3. Love these special dresses! So cute Ruby. I am still not great at sewing for myself. But you are inspiring me to try. Nice work!

  4. Such pretty dresses and adorable girls

  5. omg. why does true look so big in these pictures?! OMG SHE'S NOT A BABY ANYMORE!!!!

    love the dresses
    love the girls
    love you

  6. such pretty colors, would love to see yours, too!

  7. Oh these dresses are so wonderful!

  8. Brave is wearing a Rosy Posy!!!! I hadn't ever seen her wear one before! Yay!

  9. Wow, I love your dress. How in the world do you do that?

  10. gorgeous dresses, you are so so talented!

  11. wow, you are most talented miss ruby!

    i love those ruffles on your dress. and your girls are so
    darling in theirs!


  12. SO gorgeous! LOVE love LOVE True's dress.

  13. Love the dresses. Happy Easter! At least if I don't meet you in real life I can search you out in heaven!

  14. oh my! they look so adorable with those hair clips.
    and i specially love true's. it's just amazing!

  15. oops.

    and i specially love true's dress.

  16. Those dresses are amazing. You are so talented. I am dying to try my hand at sewing..you have totally inspired me. But first I think I have to take a class. I haven't sewed since 8th grade.

  17. Ruby...is there anything you can't do? I think I got ripped off in the creativity department and you got some of what I should have been given...hehehe! I'm am totally kidding, but you are amazing at anything you make! I love all the dresses and the fun photos. We miss you, it's been a very long while!

  18. Way to save yourself a wad of money on your dress. It is extremely close to the original if you ask me.

    Kudos to you!

  19. ruby - i especially love Brave's dress. I was just going to get myself a bias tape maker - I read about it in one of my books recently, and thought - I need that!
    love love love the dress and I hope you'll show us what your easter dress looks like on.
    oh, and True's dress reminds me of the little girl dresses i've been wanting to make where you make them from Daddy's old dress shirts... have you seen those on the Craftzine blog?
    (I'll have to tell you later about my Easter Dress vow... or you can peek at my blog from just now - I'm working up the nerve to make myself one next year!)

  20. Beautiful dresses. I love the orange one! There was no pic of you in your dress though!

  21. I love these, the neckline on your dress is superb!

  22. thank you all for your always encouraging words!!!

    becky- um... you are quite a talent yourself!

    liberty- ah! i can't wait to see next year's dress!!!

    renae- i love saving money!!!

    becky- i promise to take of me next time i wear it!

    thanks again!!!

  23. Honestly, I adore your version of the dress over Anthro's, and I am a pretty die-hard anthro girl. :) I just found your blog via Olivet, and you have happily satisfied my sweet tooth with your eye candy! :)

  24. Lovely dresses Rubyellen!
    What did Ben wear?


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