November 12, 2008

the midday omelet

The husband didn't know what he wanted for lunch, so I threw this together for him...
Left over pinto beans and chopped up broccoli sauteed in some extra virgin olive oil and red pepper. Cook the egg whites with cheese, stick the sauteed veggies and beans in the middle, fold it over, then flip it over and "tada!" Now you've got a midday omelet. Omelets are my Ben's favorites.

Shop has been updated with the once in awhiles. Each Lela is wearing an extra special something, ready for her cold trip home, wherever that may be...


  1. omelet looks your etsy goodness...esp. the pirates and momma cool+gracious!

  2. dang girlsisterfriend

    those lelas are gonna sell in a blink of an eye

  3. that looks delicious! your etsy shop is adorable too. I'm so happy i found your blog. :)

  4. such a great idea to have an omlette mid-day!! thanks for the idea!! also, I love you blog, it is very fun and inspiring. Your etsy store is adorable and the handmade dresses you make for your girls are adorable!! <3


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