September 29, 2008

friday night celebration

My superly-duperly, hot husband came home Friday night with a little surprise to celebrate our good news. My Benny and True were going to make one of my favorite salsas, Jicama Salsa...

Benny is a natural in the kitchen and I think True is taking after him (even their hair looks the same)...
As they cut together, Benny teaches her all the names of the vegetables in Spanish and in English. It is quite adorable to see them work!

The final product, "Voila!"

My Benny's Jicama Salsa
1 jicama
a bunch of tomatillos
a bunch of red, orange & yellow bell peppers
1 bunch cilantro
a bunch tomatoes
3 corn (boil then cut from the cob or maybe can just use a can, if not fresh)
about 5 limes/lemons (use to taste)
lots of serrano peppers (depending how spicy you want it)
1/4 head of garlic (depending how much you love this stuff)

Cut and dice everything up (except the lime). Throw it in a large bowl. Mix. Add lime and salt to taste. Now, grab a chip and dip right in... yummy!

Thank you everyone who has commented so far! It is nice to meet a lot of you and I hope you come back to visit. Plus, I am already loving all the new links you have sent me, there are just so many wonderful people out there. Thank you for sharing your favorites. If you haven't entered yet, don't forget to enter to win the Free People inspired bag (see post below)!!!

Looking forward to another crafting week. There is lots to be done, so I am sure I will be busy...


  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I can't wait to try it.

    Gotta love men that cook--and cook well.

  2. that looks so so good. we're huge salsa fans, we'll have to give it a go! love that crunchy jicama.

  3. I've had Trader Joe's jicama salsa, and it's pretty good, but yours looks a million times better! Will def try out that recipe.

    Do your girls eat salsa? Kai is so picky. I usually have to put ketchup on his veggies. Ick.

  4. jenn- yes, they eat salsa at long as its not too spicy. i think part of the trick is getting them involved in the making of it and then they get all excited to eat it!

  5. They look so cute and serious working together!!


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