August 6, 2008


Things have been so busy of late, but I finally got through some emails and a bunch of orders are going out tomorrow...

Also, I have missed visiting some of your pages... I will be doing a lot of catching up next week!!!

Oh and guess what?!! My dream shoe, you know the very (VERY) expensive one from Anthropologie is now on sale!!! I was so excited, but I don't know why cause I still can't buy it even though it is half the price. Oh well... a girl can dream can't she?!!

So Mr. or Ms. Anthropologie... if you are still out there, I would still love to trade or work for the shoe!!! I am ready anytime... just let me know.

I hope everyone had a nice Wednesday!!

Off to la-la land I go...


  1. I love the shoes. But I like the sucking thumb photo even more.

  2. Ruby... I hear you!!! Maybe life will slow down a bit soon? I just hand delivered your little cakie barrettes to my hair stylist for her daughter-- she LOVED them!! I gave her your business card too so if anyone asked where she got them, she could direct them your way! Hang in there! And keep watching those shoes! I don't have enough right now to buy them for you, but maybe if they come down again! I just found sandals for myself at over 50% off so I'm VERY happy!

  3. imagine if we had purchased this a couple of weeks ago??? i would DIE! hey..this is looking a bit better now. wait another week and we can afford it! i'm so poor now. i know what they mean by house poor now.

  4. half-off!?! woo-wee!


    cute little picture!

  5. Bethany- I am so glad she loved them... and you are so sweet about the shoes!!! your thoughtfulness really makes me smile and warms my heart! i am hoping they go down more too!!! I can't wait to see your new project!

    Nathalie-i totally feel ya!!!


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