August 4, 2008

366 days (it was leap year)

That is how many days my littlest babyCakies has lived...

Happy 1st birthday my little Brave!!!


  1. Happy 1st Birthday to your little Brave! :)) Wheeee...!!

  2. happy 1st bday baby brave. auntie linda loves you and your bday gift is coming :)

  3. Hi there! I just discovered your blog and have admired your Etsy shop for months. Your crowns and clips are fantastic. Now that I have found your blog, I'm amazed by your sewing skills as well! I've never sewed but since becoming a mama13 months ago, I've had the sewing itch. Do you have any word of wisdom or advice for a new sewer? I just want to make cuteness for my baby girl...thanks!

  4. A Leap year baby?!! Now that's special... but not as special as little Brave... she's such a cutie-pie!


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