May 11, 2008

A heARTful Mommy's Day...

Mother's Day started on a Saturday afternoon for me when I was graced with a lovely little box from my Benny and both babycakies. And what was it?!! A lovely Anthropologie dress that my Benny went to go pick out himself (I think we all know by now how much I love that store)!

Suddenly, they declared Mother's Day "Art Day" and the fun was to begin...

First, I was graced with "Culinary Arts" with Ben and True working hard to make some sushi...

Second, since I am always taking the pictures and never in them, Ben said it was time for some "Photographic Arts" with me and the girls at a local mural he found...

Lastly, I have been wanting to do a family painting together for the house, so it was "Abstract Art" and I was so excited to work together (it is not done, but at least we got a couple layers in)...

'Twas a marvelous Mommy's Day of celebrating the arts in different ways. I so appreciate all the work my Benny and girls put into this and I savored every single moment...

I hope everyone had a heARTful day too!!!

I love being a mom...
(and Ben said I have one more present coming in the mail... I am so excited!)


  1. What a perfect day and a perfect husband!!! You are a lucky girl! And you look absolutely beautiful in your new dress!!! I just love how grateful you are for everything in your life... it's infectious!

  2. What a great way to spend Mother's day! It looks like you guys had a blast. :D

    By the way, your dress is absolutely adorable. Again, your benny has good taste. :D

  3. ohh, what for a fantastic and creativ family!!!!
    compliments...from italie!!!!
    love livi

  4. Wow what a great day for you! Everything looks so lovely and your husband is awesome!

  5. LOVEEEEEEEE the dress! GOOD JOB BEN!!!

  6. this is the best post i have ever seen! what a perfect day. the dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh how i love it! and little true popping out of the sweet. she is just too cute and i want to hug her tight!!! your hubby is one clever man. i think he is a keeper. i had a great day as well with a full body massage at my fave spa. that was worth everything! hugs to ya and will get to the email later.

  7. ohhh...I LOVE ...your art mummy´s day!!!!your familiy is sooo cute!!!
    i woould like to fotograf you, too!!! have a nice, nice week-end!!!bye,bye LIVI

  8. You are so beautiful and so are your daughters. And that sushi looks delicious! I'll have to try making some. My kids are addicted to it!

  9. SUSHI! i lvoe SUSHI! and PAINTING TOO! is that ur little girl? she is a sweeite!


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