April 8, 2008

Sweet Surprises...

So my Benny had some surprises waiting for us girls when we got home...

Another vintage dress for Brave...

A wonderful red dress for True...

And some very soft, vintage-like shirts for me...

I love all these goodies so much and the details in the dresses are absolutely wonderful!

My two little babycakies and I love surprises, but we love my Benny even more!


  1. Your Benny sure have great taste :)

  2. Had did Benny know??? WOW! He did a great job. Lucky you. hehe :D

  3. You are so lucky!! I have never known a man to shop for dresses, especially for little girls. (That's a bit sad, isn't it?!) The smocking on the first is so lovely and the red and white one will look fabulous on True with her coloring!!! :) enjoy your presents!

  4. what a lucky girl! my husband wold have never done that! i'm sure the girls will look so adorable in their little dresses. Can't wait to see pictures of them wearing the dresses!

  5. That white dress is amazing. I wish I had a little girl to dress it in...so sweet.

  6. I got my package Monday from Leslie's Swap!! Thank you so much for the great stuff! My 6yr old opened it with me and instantly grabbed your 'cakies clips' and said "I want THESE!" She wore both to school, and hasn't taken them off yet! We're going on a date tonight so I am excited to use my clutch--the perfect cute accessory! Thanks Again!

  7. oh the 1st dress is so adorable!!!^^

  8. What great things to come home to. They are all amazing but the red dress is my favorite.

  9. these dresses are amazing, your girls are so lucky!


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