April 7, 2008


The new Project Grab Bag spokesperson...

I had the privilege of working with Shannon, the brains and creativity behind Project Grab Bag. The little project True and I were working on a couple weeks ago was a little photo shoot for Shannon, and the result is this absolutely adorable banner which holds Shannon's artist statement... it was so fun to do and even just an honor to be asked!

I cannot speak of her dolls highly enough as we own two of them, which my two little babycakies absolutely love! They are the cutest softies around... I seriously want more (Plus, I need one for me, yes need!).

It is quite amazing what the age of the internet can do, as it connects you to new friends... at the same time, allows me to take a picture, send it instantaneously to Illinois to Shannon, then Shannon sent it to my favorite little graphic designer (Rini) in DC, and then back to Shannon and off to the print shop. Alas, back in Shannon's hands in a new glorious form!

So now take advantage of the capabilities of the internet and visit all the lovely Project Grab Bag creations and do some sweet softie shopping...

Thanks Shannon for such fantastic creations and for being so inspiring!

Shop Project Grab Bag.
*photo courtesy of Shannon Jefferson.


  1. YAY TRUESKI!!!!!|
    seriously those dolls are too cute

  2. You are so right... it is amazing what is possible now! The banner turned out perfect!!! I love it! Your daughters are too adorable for words so it just makes the banner that much more precious. And I think Shannon should give you a doll for letting her use True's photo. That girl could get some good money doing a modeling gig (I used to work in advertising!). I'll check out the site!

  3. No worries! I was compensated with a lovely doll named Hildy! It was the best payment!!!

  4. That is adorable! Her dolls are very cute!

  5. it turned out great, as usual :)
    you have been blessed with much talent, and beautiful little girls!

  6. oh i'm so impressed of the things you're making by yourself!

  7. oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!! So cute! So cute!!


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