March 14, 2008

But don't worry...

During the midst of buisiness, there was always time for fun with both my babycakies and our new toys.

My little goodies...
Can I just say, etsy is very addicting. Is their an etsy anonymous anywhere?!!

Meet True's new friend Posy from famed etsian ProjectGrabBag...

When Brave is old enough, she will get her very own.

And we had a lovely picnic in our front yard. Well, I really wanted to take them out of the house, but still had lots of work to do, so why not the front yard?!!

Happy weekend all!!!


  1. Oooh looks like you bought some cool new stuff. And I love True's new little friend Posy. Wow, gotta check out her creator on Etsy now!

  2. Awww your photos are just precious! I simply *love* the new doll! She is really, really cute!

  3. I love that doll.... Obviously True does too! And we've had many a picnic when my children were that age in the front yard! You must have had beautiful spring weather! (and there should be an etsy anonymous!!)

  4. That doll is the cutest! I think I want to make my own dolls now. :)

  5. Love the photography and of course SHANNON's DOLLs! Super super cute!

    Checked out Cakies as well.

    Vicki Bodwell


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