June 20, 2012


summer dayssummer dayssummer dayssummer days
summer dayssummer days
Running around the house playing games and making messes are what summer has been about so far. It's a good life for these girls. And for some reason I tolerate the messes a bit better on the wood floor. Strange, I know. It looks better on wood than carpet. Watching these girls definitely make me wish I was a kid again. One of my favorite makes about these messes is the paper drawn chess set they made using their my little ponies as pawns. So cute! Love the creativity and resourcefulness that kids come up!

What have your summer days been filled with?


  1. Hi Ruby!!!
    I remember you mentioning there's a way to make sure rusty elements are not dangerous, but I can't remember if you coat them or what you coat them with..? (thanks)

    BTW...is it only me or Brave has grown a lot lately. She is even more beautiful!

  2. Lol. I love that! It's so true!!! Messes do look better on wood!

  3. You are so lucky to have gotten such great floors! My summer weekends have consisted of lots of sewing, brunches, coffee and banh mi, Will's favorite!

  4. I want your green mixer!! Your floors look great, as does the rest of the house!

  5. Love these pix of of your colorful girls and summer sweetness!

    So far my summer has been spent hauling my kiddo off to her drama half day camp, but next week is an at-home week so I'll be happy to just stay home and make messes with her :)


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