June 12, 2012


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This particular day we were shopping at Ikea and I couldn't help but adore Ben as he was walking ahead of me with the three big girls. That dude has four little girls to lead, protect, and love and that is a mighty big responsibility! Then throw me in the mix, well, his job just got a whole lot harder.

I will always wonder what a little boy that consisted of Ben and me would look like, but I really think a boy would totally throw off our mojo. Having girls is all we know and we love it. Tutus everywhere, pink all the time, princesses and playing house galore. Ben does a great job with all of that.

Ben always said that when he was younger he could never get girls. I think the scale about evened out now, don't you?!!

on me: shirt, thrifted. jean, f21. brick me up heel (on sale!), c/o modcloth. necklace, homako.
on ben: shirt, vintage. jeans, diesel. shoes, nike.
on true: shirt and pants, c/o molo kids. shoes, salt-waters.
on brave: dress and shorts, misha lulu. shoes, salt-waters.
on soul: dress, vintage. shoes, pediped.
on glow: shirt and pants, misha lulu.

p.s. misha lulu is on mini social today, so if you want some good deals, check it out!


  1. Ruby, you make me want four girls. Gah! I already have two...Ocean and Luna. I am afraid a boy would throw us off as well! haha

  2. I'm not sure where I have been to notice that your husband cut his hair. He looks like a whole different person! I think I seen him in other photos you posted not even realizing it was him! :)

    Love your family pictures!

  3. Ruby Ellen -- you should take a look at my friend Jen's blog -- she has 4 boys and they are the exact same ages as your girls. I've already told her about you and your girls in LA. Jen lives in Florida. 4 girls on the west coast, 4 boys on the east coast! http://blueberrylunch.wordpress.com/ -- scroll down to her Easter post and you will see that she makes a rainbow cake too! And the Resurrection rolls are so cool. xoxo, Carey Beth

  4. My husband and I feel the same, we only have 2 girls but we are so used to pink and dolls that we don't know if we would know what to do with a boy!!!

  5. hey, i like ben's shirt! Thats a "guayabera" :) My husband loves wearing those :) Awesome pics!

  6. love, love, love it!!!
    we're surrounded by girls too...
    and i do have heart pangs that makes me wonder what a boy of ours would look like too!
    but then i realize that we've been given the perfect family... for US!
    God is so good... and blesses us immensely.
    thanks for always erring to the side of positivity.
    makes me smile... and enjoy my life too!
    even though it often looks like my house throws up pink and tulle and princess too!! ha ha!

  7. aww, what cute photos, love them!! btw, word verification is a pain!! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  8. print these photos now and frame them! precious precious!

  9. I'm happy to stop by your blog, I see you have a happy family. Jesus bless

  10. my girls tell that knock knock joke too!
    LOL, i think that about my dad... 3 girls and 2 grandaughters! no boys yet for him.

  11. i have three boys and was slightly terrified of having a daughter- i don't know how to have a daughter!
    but then i had one and i love her and her dad loves her and our boys love her it's working out just fine. there was nothing to be scared of after all! (although she is only four months old- maybe i should just wait and see?)

  12. you have such! a cute family. Love it!


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