June 16, 2012


This week was a semi-normal week. Baseboards are still not in and we haven't had the time to put the knobs in the kitchen, but there was home-cooking and lots of cleaning with playing and creating thrown in for good measure. Ben and I also realized we need to work on talking to the kids more during dinnertime because sometimes we get so caught up in catching each other up on our day that True is like, "How come no one is talking to the kids?!" Must work on that.

Ben has been spending evenings tending the garden and the girls go out with him. Then they come in and bring me tons of flowers! I border telling them to stop picking at all my flowers and just letting them have fun picking to their hearts' content. I guess I can't complain much because I am at the receiving end of their flower picking and it is always nice to have fresh flowers inside. I am totally working on taking a chill pill and just stopping more often to smell the roses. Life's fast and you just gotta enjoy it!

Learned and links...

Soul is getting more and more to be a tough kiddie. I am nervous for her teenage years...

Listening to True and Brave's conversations are funny.

Thankful for sisters that come over so I can do errands.

Definitely want to make this. So cool.

Salt on art sounds fun. Totally wanna try this too.

Always love this ladies emails and encouragement.

Trying this soon for sure.

Want these shorts.

I am already loving my new camera. It's been about 6 years, so it is about time I upgraded. Dear Nikon D40... you have been so good to me!

We have some fun plans this coming week, so we can hardly wait for the weekend to get started. Ben's off so that fact alone just makes me excited. I like being with him everyday, all day. Well, except when I'm mad at him, but that doesn't happen too often. Enjoy your weekend!!!


  1. Lovely photo. Been wondering if you liked the striped anthro dress you mentioned ordering? Considering order one too!

    1. i like it, but they sent the wrong size! have to hunt down my size again.

  2. If you are planning on experimenting with salt and watercolor, try saran wrap, too. It's my favorite effect!


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