June 25, 2012


If you follow me on instagram, then you may know that we are not in California and are enjoying the Texas heat. Well, kind of enjoying. I think it takes a bit of time to get used to this heat and humidity, though we do like that the sun is pretty much out until well after 9pm over here. 

The trip here is kind of special because it marks the 10 year anniversary of Ben bringing me home to Texas. It was 10 years ago he first brought me and we had just officially become boyfriend and girlfriend. We made the long trek, with his little cousin in tow, so I could get to know his family and attend his annual family reunion. During that visit, and after seeing him interact with his family, I knew that I loved this man. Maybe that part should be left for the continuation of our love story, so I won't go into too much details. 

Here we are 10 years later, back in San Antonio to spend time with his family and to attend his annual family reunion. This year it will be on his cousin's ranch, so the girls are especially excited for the hay rides and horses. Actually, I am too. We haven't been to the reunion since that first time I came to Texas and things have changed a lot now that we are married and have four kids in tow. 

There are so many memories attached to this city and different phases of our relationship that it is always good to come back. I love seeing all the trees here (I don't understand why California doesn't have very many), love the Tex-Mex food (oh man, we never find really good Mexican food in California like they have here), and love spending time with family. Every time we are here, we call it "laughter-noon" because we are always laughing and having a good time. San Antonio definitely equals good times. 

Any of you from or live in San Antonio, Texas? 

on me: shirt and skirt, thrifted and altered. necklace, homako. shoes, c/o modcloth.


  1. It's funny....I went to an estate sale a few weeks ago in downtown Long Beach,CA (where we live) and there happened to be a Redwood tree in the ladies backyard. I was thrilled, simply because we never see old, amazing trees here.
    It's sad but exciting when we travel!

    Enjoy your time!

  2. oh! I grew up in San Antonio! . . . I moved away for college and never moved back, but my family is still there and we love visiting! Last time I was in town my family took me down to the new bike paths that they are making along the river- and you really, really should go; I think you would love it! (early morning or late evening, of course!) if you go in the evening have dinner at La Gloria - it's right off the path by the old Pearl brewery
    http://www.lagloriaicehouse.com/ . . . the ambiance is lovely.

  3. have fun in TX! and your outfitt is so cute i love the boxy tank :)

  4. such a beautiful blog and family!
    adventures i great i hope you all have a great time at the ranch

    its good to go back to places, although it takes time and planning.

    Barnicles x

  5. I used to live in Burnet, Texas which is 2 hours (give or take) from San Antonio. I'm from Canada, lived there for a couple of years, and now am living in California (central valley). I LOVE Texas and can't wait to take my husband there and meet my "other family" who lives in the hill country :) So glad you're having a wonderful time!

  6. I'm not in San Antonio, but am in Texas. My husband's grandparents live in San Antonio so we visit every now and then. In fact your latest picture on instagram looks like their neighborhood. It's a fun, fun place!

  7. there are trees in california; they just happen to be in the northern half of the state (:
    but love seeing your texan adventures.. it's been on my to visit list for a while!

  8. YES! I live in San Antonio! And we were just vacationing in Los Angeles (we moved here from Encino). SA is a great place! Although a bit hot. I hope you have fun!

  9. I live in northeast San Antonio! I'm sorry y'all came when it's so hot! Springtime is just lovely here, and autumn is my favorite! I hope y'all get a chance to take a dip in a TX hill country river - that's the true TX experience!

  10. 100% Texan, born and raised! But my wonderful, sweet husband has relocated me to none other than San Diego, CA! ... and we are about to move up to either San Clemente or Oceanside :) Isn't that funny?

  11. Have a lovely time! Hay and horse rides sound utterly wonderful! x

  12. I am from San Antonio, but do not live there now. My family does though & I visit them many times throughout the year! I just LOVE San Antonio :)

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  14. How weird i was just there last week throwing my sis a baby shower! My hubby and i were raised there. I could not get used to the extreme heat, I dont know how I used to do it! But man oh man the yummy food was a nice distraction:) I love your outfit..i wish i could look that chic in hot weather!


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