June 27, 2012


Abernathy is a small town in North Texas and there is a family there that makes this particular town quite special... the King family. Ben's dad passed away a year before we got married, therefore he never ever met his grandchildren. We tell the girls stories about their grandfather and show them pictures from time to time, but it just isn't the same. Besides Ben, his mom, and sister, his father is survived by his sister and her family.

The last time we had visited Abernathy was the summer that his father passed away. Since the girls never got a chance to get to know their grandfather, we wanted to make sure they would get to know his family and so when we were planning our summer road trip, we made sure Abernathy was on our road map. It had been 8 years since we had seen any of them, so it was definitely about time!

We met everyone at the town pharmacy, which is run by Ben's cousins Mark and Laurie. Laurie knew exactly what the girls liked and had the perfect gifts waiting for them. Anyone who gives them My Little Pony is pretty unforgettable in their book. We chatted a bit, then had lunch at a little restaurant down the street, then went back to the pharmacy to spend more time together.

It was really cute to see the girls with them. There is part of them in my girls and I think that bond is really special. Family is just really special. Besides seeing the girls with their Grandma Mayna, Grandpa JD, Aunt Laurie, and Uncle Mark, Ben and I really enjoyed spending time with them and hearing old stories. I love hearing old stories.

One of my favorite things of the visit was seeing how cute Aunt Mayna and Uncle JD were with each other. It was a playful sarcasm and teasing, but you can definitely see how they have grown to love and appreciate each other through the years. And Aunt Mayna kept raving about how good Uncle JD is with this or that and that reminded me of how I am a bit biased with Ben and that I think he is best at everything too.

They live on a farm so we also loved hearing the farm stories. At 78, Uncle JD still tends the cattle and there is pretty much no such thing as retiring. Ben and I have dreams of a farm, but we can only imagine the real intense work that goes into having one and we don't think we are ready for that. It sounds ideal, but really to have one there is a lot of labor and love that is involved. Having a farm isn't for the faint of heart or fickle minded for sure. Maybe we'll stick to dreams of a blueberry farm or maybe a tomato farm, we get better at tomatoes every year after all.

We were only a few short hours in Abernathy, but there are for sure plans to go back. We are so glad to reconnect with them and can't wait for all of us to spend more time together. Life is busy and family who live faraway can easily get forgotten, but it is important to always stay connected. Ben and I will both be working on that. We both tend to be bad at that.

Dear King family, Thank you for sharing your afternoon with us and we love you guys and hope to see you again soon! Love, the CA Bratchers.


  1. What a wonderful post. I too love old stories!

  2. This post touched my soul because it's the America that I know is out there and that I will find, someday.
    I have a jar full of pennies, waiting to be cashed in, so I can go buy a ranch (although my husband and I joke we will need enough pennies to also hire someone to take care of the cattle).


    In the meantime, thank you for this glimpse.

  3. the best picture hands down is of uncle jd holding glow.

  4. aww!! so sweet! and how very special to share those memories w the girls!!!

  5. Looks like the Texas I know! Beautiful story, and lovely photos.

    You are actually VERY close to me, and possibly drove through Lubbock (where I live) to get there.

  6. my dad passed away almost a year ago and i understand the pain of not having your children know their grandfather. my sister and brother aren't even married yet, i feel their are missing out even more than i have. thank you for this post!!! beautiful pictures.

    p.s. we were in texas about 4 days before you lol! we are wanting to move back too..i couldn't raise cattle but a few acres with some chickens sounds nice :)

  7. family is so special and that's probably why i love your blog. you're so family oriented! :)

    i'd love a farm, too, but you're right, a lot of labor!!

  8. pharmacies, family and good food...my life in a nutshell (pharmacy student ova herrr)

  9. I really love this! Not to get all cheesy, but these photos are so touching! It is so nice to "meet" some people from Ben's family too. :)


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