April 28, 2012


the saguaro
This week's learned and links...

- True is 6! A post or two of her birthday celebration coming up soon.

- Soul cannot sleep with us in a hotel room. Ben and I had terrible sleep that night.

- Love The Saguaro in Palm Springs. It is definitely a fun hotel.

- Love this post Jenn did on how to display instagrams. Doing this asap.

- Winner of Blowfish giveaway announced here on twitter. Follow here.

- Want to make this fun weekender tote.

- A poster with sass.

- Ordered this bathing suit for our trip to Palm Springs, but it didn't come in time. Nevertheless, I still love it, it fits great, hides that bit of mom belly I have, and can't wait to wear it to the beach.

- Excited because floor tearing up and putting in gets started the end of this week. Who wants to have a party and trash our carpet?!!

Got lots to do at home this weekend. Ben goes back to work on Monday. I have giveaways coming too, so check back! 


  1. Oh yes! Thank you for the awesome Instagram decor ideas! I was just saying today that I'd love to have some printed! :)

  2. I love the colors of that hotel! I have that same Esther Williams bathing suit, they make great fitting bathing suits.

  3. That hotel is so cool!! Glad you were able to get away.

  4. i love the carpet trashing party idea!

  5. I have that same bathing suit, only in red w/ white polka dots. It's awesome AND hides the mommy belly. ;)

  6. OOOHH... love that bathing suit :)

  7. I love the bathing suit! I've always wanted one like it


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