April 16, 2012


hot pink and flat stackshot pink and flat stackshot pink and flat stacks
I have been coveting some flatstack shoes, definitely prefer that word over flatform (*shudder*), for awhile now and so when Gee Wawa sent these over, it sealed it... I love flatstack shoes and Gee Wawa! The shoes are high, but not too high, and since they are pretty level no pain on the feet at all. The best part is they are really cushiony. I feel fancy, casual, and comfy all at the same time. Love it!

Gee Wawa is a new to me brand, but I am already loving their daisy shoes too. I will now be keeping my eye on Gee Wawa to see what shoes they crank out each season. I am sure it will be good. Follow Geewawa's facebook and twitter for more update and news...

What I'm wearing... top from anthropologie (seen here), vintage skirt from pomp & pride (seen here), flatstacks c/o gee wawa.

Which word do you prefer... flatforms or flatstacks?


  1. i just had to comment on this because you are filipina too- my mom used to call platforms, "flatforms". flatstacks, for sure! ;)

  2. I need some! Any height helps me out. My husband is only about a whole foot taller than me. ;) Love your hair and that pink skirt is so pretty!

    1. You can find these on http://www.ashburyskies.com/shoe-designers/gee-wa-wa-shoes/

  3. they are some pretty cool looking shoes!

  4. I have been coveting these for a while, but as a full time student, they are out of my budget. Please take lots of pics wearing them so I can own them vicariously through you!

  5. Those are super cute! xo, rv


  6. i love last photo, outfit looks so comfy and the shoes give height but still seem comfy to wear, want a pair!

  7. I love gee wawa and you look so cute with your new do ruby!

  8. These shoes are super comfy to wear! And it adds height! Style+Comfort+Height = BOOYA!


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