March 27, 2012


out to schoolout to school
{where from again? shirt and pants: misha lulu; socks: target; sandals: salt-waters c/o tea collection.}

Like most little girls, there is a deep love for Hello Kitty in our home, so it was especially cool to see when our favorite Misha Lulu did a collaboration with them. I have previewed the new coming line and it is just even more pretty and fun.

I remember when I was a little girl, I would bug my parents to take me to the Sanrio store once a week. I remember getting pencil boxes, erasers, pencils, ring watches, little notebooks, wallets, and the list could go on forever. I would be so proud of my little goodies and would have them all perfectly lined up in my pencil case and would proudly display them on my desk at school. I was even such a fan of Sanrio all the way up into high school. In high school, my favorite was Pochacco. Oh man, the memories! Anyone have a similar love for that store growing up?

I am glad my girls get to share in the Sanrio love too. That is the one store that we take them once in awhile to pick up some goodies, especially after they get their shots. Hello Kitty does a good job soothing any little tears!


  1. Sanrio, YES! Sadly, we didn't have one around when I was growing up, but there was one near my aunt's house in TN. A visit to the mall that had the Sanrio store in it was always the highlight of our trip....well the highlight of MY trip. I'm not sure my parents shared my over the top love of all things Hello Kitty:)

  2. We love Hello Kitty! One of our highlights of visiting CA is going to the "Hello Kitty mall"- it could take an hour to look at all that goodness! Love it! My girls think it's funny that I used to save up my money when I was little too- I liked My Melody. :)

  3. yes! in elementary and middle school each of my friends and I had a specific character and we would go to the mall and buy only the stuff for our characters! now I feel like such a dork! hehe

  4. Oh how I loved and still love Hello Kitty! My favorites when I were little were Keroppi and Hello Kitty. I still have the little tins and use them to hold some sewing supplies. I can't wait to have little girls to share my love of Hello Kitty! Right now I feel a little ridiculous having a whole pinboard on Pinterest for Hello Kitty stuff and buying small things every now and then ha! I love Misha Lulu's line! You should tell them to have that line for about five years for when I have girls :)

  5. I'm twenty eight and I still love hello kitty and the crew :)

    her outfit is so adorable!

    I only ever went into that store once and I was 15 maybe. But I wanted to buy it all!

  6. I second the love of Pochacco! Haven't lived in CA in 10 years, so I miss my Sanrio stores... My daughter needs to experience a Sanrio store at some point. Love True's outfit--love the stripes behind Hello Kitty.

  7. I loved their peach (or apricot?) bubble gum. The flavor only lasted 30 seconds, but I spent many quarters on those little mini packs of gum! I also loved Twin Stars and Kerroppi and of course, Miss Hello Kitty herself.

  8. Brings back memories! I used to treasure the times going to Chinatown in Chicago for my Sanrio merch, then a Sanrio store opened up at the Mall of America. I loved the main characters, Pochacco, Hello Kitty, and Keroppi. I spent tons of time perusing that store and saving my stamps up for those gifts!

    P.S. You and your family are adorable!

  9. Girlfriend. We must talk. Hello Kitty has pretty much hijacked MY ENTIRE BLOG. Just for kicks, I will direct your attention here:

    My daughter and I love Hello Kitty so much that we are planning our trip to Japan to see Puroland, have you heard about this?? It's HELLO KITTY LAND. It blows my mind that this place really exists. Totally going someday!

    1. really?!! puroland! um... will be there in 10 years! sooo cool!!!

  10. I was never in to Hello Kitty but I still think it's super cute and True looks oh-so-cute as usual! Rocking those bright pants and what a smile!

  11. i am so a sanrio girl, my melody and little twin stars were my fave when i was younger, in my teens and into adulthood, i loved bad batz maru!

  12. Ha ha! That really takes me back! I remember going to Sanrio for the first time at South Coast Plaza and feeling like I hit the jackpot. I was so in love with that store and each and every little thing I bought remained wrapped in plastic. I just loved hoarding it all in my own little Sanrio drawer. So cute. Now you have 4 little girlies that can share the love. This post made me smile!

  13. ring watches!
    I had a red hello kitty one and I loved it so much.

  14. Lovely pictures!!!!


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