March 5, 2012


poor bravey!poor bravey!
All is well now and it seems as soon as we got home, the swelling finally started going down. It was our first trip to the E.R. with one of the girls and thankfully we were at my parents' house when it happened, so we were able to leave the other girls with them and take Brave. It was one long day, but we are glad we got to spend a little alone time with our Bravey, even if it was one late night waiting around in the emergency room.

So Monday is starting off kinda slowly and sleepily for us...


  1. bit by what? scary! and when will ben have his part of the love story done? you sould just post your side! im dying to hear!

  2. oh no! poor baby! In our first year as parents we went to the ER more times than we would have ever imagined (hives and weird allergic reactions). It's so sad and stressful to have to rush your baby to the ER. Glad to know everything is alright with little Brave now!

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    1. we don't know! she was playing outside in the dark. we thought it was a spider, but the doctor said it didn't look like it and maybe could be a bee or a wasp. it was quite a scary ordeal!

  4. I hope Brave lived up to her name. Poor girl. Hope you are all OKand enjoying your sleepy day. My sister balloons whenever she gets bitten by anything- mosquito/bee literally anything. She carries anti-histamine with her now and just takes it straight away if she feels something starting. x

  5. Poor baby!! :( This had to be scarry!
    I'm glad that she's feeling better and all is well now.

    Our first trip to the E.R. happened, when my boy was only two months old. Hernia. I was crying with him... Thank god for doctors!

  6. Poor little thing! I hope she is doing better!

  7. I'm so happy to hear she's fine. Trips to the ER with little ones is so scary. (i can attest to that having to make one myself just last week). Lots of cuddles all around I'm sure.

  8. i got bit once by a bee on my thigh and it swelled up huge!! it got bigger & bigger & was warm. . . i went into urgent care, but they only gave me antibiotics.

    hope she is doing better.

  9. Eekk! Scary experience... Hope everyone is ok now!

  10. Holy crap, what did she get bitten by? Not your sister's puppy I hope!


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