March 11, 2012


Another friend wed and I think my days as a bridesmaid is slowly coming to an end. Is there such thing as bridesmaid retirement? Well, at least until my baby sister gets married and I will happily come out of retirement for that. The wedding was beautiful and I am sure the pictures will come out stunning. I really can't wait to see them. Other than that, I hope life can settle down just a tad after having back to back weddings.

Learned and links...

- Despite our crazy schedule these last few days doing wedding prep, the girls have been pretty well behaved. That makes this mama happy.

- Danni's post is so encouraging.

- We've got 14 tomato plants coming and will soon be ready to plant them in the garden. Excited for gardening!

- Kinda behind (again) in responding to comments and emails, but will hopefully get on that soon. It's been a busy past few days!

- Thanks for the all the video love. Levi's® is offering 15% off your order using the coupon code: MYCAKIES at checkout. Offer expires at 11:59pm PST on Wednesday 3/21. Try the Levi's® Curve ID quiz now...

I have a few giveaways coming up tonight, so don't forget to check back. Enjoy your Sunday everyone!!!


  1. Genuinely happy smile in that picture.

  2. your bridesmaids dress is beautiful! xo

  3. That is the prettiest bridesmaid dress I have ever seen. And your hair looks gorgeous!

  4. I love the dress. Weddings are my favorite. xo, rv

  5. Pretty sure I went into retirement 3 years ago and it has been amazing! :) I always offer to help in some other way.

  6. I love weddings, I haven't been to one in so long. Makes me miss them! I'm pretty sure though that the next couple getting married that I know currently will be me and my beau.

    <3 Jjanga

  7. what a pretty bridesmaid dress! Much better than all the taffeta messes I wore throughout the late 90s, early 2000s...

  8. Dont retire, you make a gorgeous bridesmaid! I LOVE how they styled you hair!


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