February 28, 2012


out to school out to school
{where from again? dress: little bean shop; sweater: vintage; rainboots: target; scarf: handmade by mom; lunch bag: built nyc.}

This school day came with an episode...

When I dropped her off, the way she walked into the classroom got slightly changed, and then she didn't want to go in, then she started crying, so I stayed a bit. It was art class and she loves art class, so I knew it was her shyness overtaking her. I left her with the student assistant thinking she would stop and I made a mad dash out. I was almost home and when I got a call that she was wailing and would not to talk to anyone and they needed me to come back. I turned around and headed back to the school. I walked into the office and see her drooling and crying. I made numerous attempts to calm her down, nothing worked. Eventually, she calmed down and wants to go back into art and wants me to help her. I oblige. We go in, she gets to work on her painting and after another little bit, she lets me leave. Peacefully this time. Whew!

She loves her one-day-a-week school, but sometimes her shyness gets the best of her.

One day, she will no longer be shy and become the President of the United States. Just you watch.


  1. those rainboots are madly adorable!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  2. She'll be OK. I was the "shy girl" too. Of couse now when I tell my friends that I'm/was shy they all laugh at me so hard. When I started my first grade I had to stay in my teacher's office until our 1st class started. and I cried every morning. Eventually I made couple friends and going to school became more easier. I'm sure she'll be just fine!! shy girls are smarter anyway, because they listen and pay more attention, not talking all the time. Good luck!! :)

  3. oh- that sounds so stressful. who doesn't like art class? poor little one. i wonder what set her off. being shy can be hard. she's lucky she has a patient mommy. and i love her little bag. i want one for me!

  4. true strikes me as a slow to warm up kind of kid. :) i've had students who cried their lungs out for a whole week during start of school but after they get settled into school routine, they're pretty fine.:) maybe for true, it just feels like first day every time. perhaps going a little early and playing with her for a while and with the other children can help her warm up just in time for the actual classes.:D

    i love your blog by the way! you and your family are so adorable!:D

  5. AMEN TO YOUR LAST SENTENCE! :) :) :) :)

  6. Your daughters are so very beautiful! Glad to hear to felt better after a few tears - good job mama!

  7. She always has the most adorable outfits! So sweet. I love the way your dress your littles. xo, rv


  8. I saw your Levi's commercial today while using Hulu!!!!!!! I was like "hey! I read her blog!" super cool!

  9. what a doll she is! i was the shy kid, and a teacher, so i can relate. glad she was able to stay and stuck it out! wishing you luck next week.

  10. esther- right?!! president true bratcher... sounds nice! ;_

    jamie- thanks!!! can't wait to share it!

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  12. Oh, poor little beauty!! She's lucky she has you.
    I'm glad it all ended well!

    p.s. - When she's the President of the United States, can I tell people that I (kind of) know her mother? Plizzz!! ;D

  13. What a cutie!!

  14. One small step for True, one giant step for womenkind! (Being pres., that is!) She'll grow out of it, just you watch!

  15. Hi! I came across your blog through the Levi commercial which I saw during an ep. of 30 rock on Hulu. I just went through your archive of "OUT TO SCHOOL" posts. Love them! Your daughters are very lucky! =)

  16. That is so beyond cute| and i love her style too
    Rocio from http://blogmodainfantil.es/

  17. Aw, I was always the shy girl...always felt intimidated for some reason. I'm sure she'll overcome those feelings! She's got a smile that will brighten up any room!



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