February 7, 2012


my benmy ben
I still have all sorts of emotions from this past weekend and am still feeling pretty tired. All I want to do is stay in bed all day long, but that really isn't quite possible with four little ones. Once my mom asked, "Is Ben still that Prince Charming you thought he was when you were dating?" My answer, "Yes, he is."

Definitely still in love with (and choosing to love) this guy almost seven years later, even if we occasionally get annoyed and snippy with each other like we did on the way to wedding on Saturday.

Be back to regular blogging tomorrow. In the meantime, baby sister wrote her own letter to middle sister (don't mind my glasses!). And maybe I can get Ben to find some time to help me finish writing that love story of ours. Love day is coming up after all...


  1. i think it is "normal" in any relationship to have a little feud w/ the other half. i mean, after all, we are humans. but i think if people dwell on the "bad" stuff then they aren't living. in a perfect relationship, you can agree to disagree, right? and if anyone tells you they never get into it w/ their half... they must be be telling a fib.

  2. I completely agree with Jean.
    And it's nice to be (still) in love after all these years, isn't it?! My husband and I - we've been together for double that. Whew! :D

    p.s. - You two are so cute together!!

  3. aww! I've been wanting for that finished love story! I still remember following when you only had true and brave. This is soo cute. I admire you too (well, mostly Ruby).

  4. My husband and I fight and bicker like cat and dog but I still love him as much now as I did on our wedding day. Having our daughter has made our love different thats for sure- but stronger. x

  5. So sweet. I love you two. xo, rv



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