February 27, 2012


sunday afternoon
sunday afternoon
sunday afternoon
Random fact: I have been wearing glasses since I was 13 (see proof here).

Therefore, I never really got into the whole geek chic thing because I have worn glasses most of my life and it really isn't anything particularly cool to me. It would be a dream to see clearly first thing in the morning and not to have to look for my glasses on my bedside table. So most days, almost everyday actually, I pretty much wear contacts. Though lately my eye has been bugging me, so I am resting it by wearing my glasses.

I think our winter is pretty much over, as our days have been pretty warm, but once that sun starts going down it gets really cold. Okay, California cold. This jacket is lightweight, kinda like wearing an extra shirt, but it is nice and light to wear during the day and is just an extra layer for our cool California evenings. Plus, it goes well with dresses and jeans!

The weekend was grand and we have rain in the forecast this week. Hopefully after the rain, I can get out to the yard and start pulling weeds (it's a jungle out there). It is about that time to start planning out our summer garden and I can't wait to start planting again.

It's Monday again. Happy Monday everyone!!!

What I'm wearing... dress, reverie market. olive it up jacket, c/o modcloth. boots, dv gifted from ben (see here).


  1. I love your glasses. You're darling. xo, rv


  2. uuuuuh! What would I give for the Californian temperatures!!!! Love that outfit and I also can't wait to get gardening started over here....

  3. That's so funny - I always get complimented on my glasses and people get dissappointed when they ask me where they're fun and I say Lenscrafters, lol. Yay for glasses!

    ...and I love your outfit :)

  4. You look so good in glasses and this outfit is so cute!


  5. I feel you! I had glasses since the elementary school and wearing contacts made my eyes hurt. For last 3 years I've seen clearly, thanks for a lasik operation :) It's pretty pricey but so is glasses and contacts,too. And you feel so good after!

  6. I've been wearing glasses since i was 11 years old! i dream of getting laser vision correction, but i'm chicken!

  7. You wear them well!!

    Oh and California cold for me is enough to make my bones ache...I know, I'm such a wimp when it comes to cold.

  8. I've always wanted to wear glasses. You look geeky-cute!!! I'm jealous! I live in SoCal and I looove the cold... the colder-the wetter-the better! I gotta move north.

    I've got big plans for gardening in our new place. Got any tips to keep the gophers at bay?

  9. aww, you're looking fabulous~


  10. Great outfit! I definitely have that dress in brown and love to wear it with purple tights and a red cardigan. Yay for glasses!

  11. such a cute outfit! love everything about it. you always look so darling.

  12. I think I've been wearing glasses since I was either 3, 4 or 5. I was a toddler :)

    I wore contacts for a bit - but my allergies got the best of me.

    Now I wear big thick glasses. I see these glasses as my accessory!

    In PA - it was in the 60's today. People were wearing shorts & tank tops.

    Unfortunately, it's going to be rain and snow later this week :(

  13. I also wear glasses because i need to! I've been waering them since I was nine in Korea and my first pair were pink cateyes haha!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  14. I would just love to live in a climate like yours.

    Skirts and dresses are no-go for at least a couple of months more (unless wearing stockings).

  15. Funny, I feel the same way about glasses. I've been nearsighted since I was 10. My husband couldn't get over how people wear glasses for "fun." But yep, it's more popular than he realizes.

  16. I have to wear glasses too though more nanna glasses than cool ones: I must get some some geek chic ones. So I mostly wear contacts too: love the whole clear 180 degrees kind of vision you get from contacts!!

  17. me too... i have to wear glasses too.
    and, like you, i always opt to wear my contacts.
    funny, i always feel so much more tired when i wear my glasses.
    my contacts make me feel more awake... and i'll take what i can get with 3 kids! ha!
    and coffee... lots of it! ;)
    thinking i should buy a pair of fun geeky ones though.
    i just laugh that people "want" to have bad eyesight though just for glasses.
    i remember kids saying that when i was young.
    i was in 3rd grade when i got mine. LITTLE!
    anyway, yours are cute!
    are you like me... do you have to pay lots for yours b/c your glass is special?
    my eyes are so blind that they have to compress the glass in the frames so they're not coke bottley!
    ha ha ha ha!
    talk about geek chic, huh? ;)

  18. stephanie joy- yes! i have to pay more too for special (thin) glasses!!! hahaha i so wonder how thick they would be if i didn't . lasik scares me and so does the cost, so it isn't an option right now!

  19. I have wierd shaped eyes (I forget what the technical term is, don't judge me) so I HAVE to wear glasses. There is no choice for contacts. So I'm digging the glasses, girl! Keep rockin'!

  20. Sigh of relief! I love accessories however, I've worn glasses since third grade and don't really get the desire to wear them for more than just a fun photo prop. I, too, would LOVE to wake up and see clearly.


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