February 18, 2012


the baby baby
It's been a few weeks since I did a recap. Lots of things have gone on here. The girls keep growing like crazy. I don't think that will stop anytime soon as much as I want to press freeze from time to time.

Learned and links...

- A call to help Suzy Delgado. This is important because someone needs your help. They are looking for a bone marrow match which is a matter of life or death, and if you are of Filipino-Mexican descent, you may be especially able to help! Visit this facebook page or this list of bone marrow drives for more information.

- Soul says, "Mama, go down." "True won't share." " Read me book." "Read again." Language is finally coming out of her. A little slower than most, but it is finally coming.

- Glow weighs a whopping 11 pounds 8 ounces at 4 months. She is a teeny little thing. She rolls over and gets her head up and her happy place is my bed. Once she is on there, she laughs and smiles like crazy.

- True and Brave are both getting better at reading, but we are a little behind in math.

- Ben and I finally got a nice date in.

- Kinda loving these shoes and really want to try colored jeans. Ben is a little iffy on the colored denim thing cause they aren't classic enough for him.

- Madewell is my favorite store along with anthropologie. Dear Madewell, I will gladly take anything you don't want off your hands, especially these shoes. xoxo, Ruby

- Do you read my baby sister's blog? She's the cutest. We are bascially the same with ten years between us. We call her R.J., which stands for Ruby Junior. Kidding. No, her real name is Richelle Jean and she is the sweeter, but lazier version of me and I am the tougher, take charge version of her.

- I got to meet a reader all the way from New Zealand (Hi Ester!) who is living in the states for a bit. She came to visit our church gathering last Sunday! If you are in the L.A. area, you could visit CrossView too!

- This post is good and this DIY is excellent.

- Thank you for all your excitement for those who have seen a little something buzzing about the internet. I can't wait until I am officially able to share it with you all soon!!!

There will be some sponsors to share about this weekend, along with some giveaways so stay tuned friends!!!


  1. love those madewell shoes! i'd happily take them too!

  2. I saw your adorable commercial while I was catching up my hulu queue last night. I actually had to stop the commercial and back it up to make sure I wasn't seeing thing.

  3. what a gorgeous photo, so beautiful



  4. I saw your video and loved it! You guys are the sweetest. And absolutely genuine. so great!

  5. O my goodness your little Glow IS little...my niece just had her 8 week apt and was a massive 12 pounds already!

  6. I was shocked at the commercial not because you were in it, but your voice! Wow, you have such a high pitch girly voice, I always figured you would have a lower, tough mama voice. So strange to hear bloggers voices after all these years!

  7. Thanks for the recap, I love checking out new fasion ideas!

  8. Oh my goodness, Glow is so adorable!!

    and a big Yay for New Zealand!! :D

    Ngaio May xx

  9. The commercial is DARLING! I loved it so much. I was wonderfully surprised and said out loud (to myself): HEY! I know her! :) What a great move on Levi's part to reach out to bloggers for this campaign. Very savvy. Y'all were a great pick for them!

  10. this picture is too precious!

    p.s. saw your levi's commercial on hulu tonight. i was so excited to hear your voice and to see you and your beautiful family. so fun!

  11. My husband feels the very same way about colored denim. Not that he would stop me from wearing them, of course, but it is awfully strange when he has such as opinion about...well, pants. I will probably buy some and he will learn to love them, I'm sure! :)

  12. I have to agree with you on the Madewell comment - I just discovered that there is a huge two-story store a few miles away from me. I can't tell if this is a blessing or a curse...probably a bit of both! Ah, well, I can just wait for a sale!

  13. I actually saw your commercial first and then hit pause as soon as it was over so that I could go searching for your blog. I love them both! So adorable and your commercial was fantastic. It must have been fun to shoot, yes? *grins*


  14. I've been reading your blog for quite some time and totally admire you and everything you juggle - and you have the cutest family ever!! I also did a double take while watching hulu and had to rewatch the commercial - it was so great! So fun to see your girls and I am glad Levi's is featuring real people!


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