January 9, 2012


she's cool
Things are crazy busy this week and won't lighten up until the weekend. Posting will probably be light, but when I come back, I am sure I will have lots to recap on. The biggest news of late is that Glow can roll over! Yippee for my littlest baby!!!

Until then, stay cool friends cause my Bravey sure is!


  1. Soo cute! That girl is going to grow up a fashion icon :-)

  2. Hooray for little roly-poly Glow baby! So exciting:-) xoxo

  3. Like you've mentioned before, Brave always makes the best faces. :)

  4. i HEART brave!

    on a side note... glow can roll over already? isaiah is proving that boys are slower. he can only roll on his sides. maybe cuz he is so pudgy? haha. :)

  5. I love your blog. Your creativity and your love are so true in the pictures. Love, from Brazil, Raquel


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