January 13, 2012


I am not sure what's going on this weekend, but I just want to hang out with my family. I think everyone is finally well, so it will be nice to just kinda chill. Of course, we also get to see our church family on Sunday.

This week's learned and links...

- Meal planning. Finally starting. Wanna join me? Here is the menu for this week.

- Glow is so giggly and happy and has had more nights of sleeping through the night than not. That is good for this mama.

- After cleaning my closet, I have come to the conclusion, I need more tops. I have tons of dresses and bottoms, but not enough tops. *as ben rolls his eyes*

- Brave has really got some good dance moves. That girl puts on a show for us every night.

- Soul now says, "Mama, I hungry." "Glow cry." Talking is coming to her slowly, but it is coming.

- I want the colder weather to come back. Not this summer stuff we are going through.

- Danni's post and comments were really interesting to read.

- In love with all jewelry from this artist. I got this necklace and love it!

I had one crying and praying out to God moment this week as I was super frustrated and tired, but God still is good! Even in the craziness of the everyday, enjoy it folks. I know one day I will miss all these little kid messes and playing referee. It comes with the package, doesn't it?! So glad today is Friday though... huzzah!!!


  1. only one meltdown, that's good! i seem to have a lot more and i don't even know why (because i'm not married with kids, heck, i don't even have a bf/job...) also, i think it's so cute when kids start talking. their little funny strung together sentences never fail to make me smile/laugh (: and i actually think i have way too many tops and not nearly enough bottoms! lol.

  2. It's good to cry and let it out. I think the first 3 years are the toughest. I often have to imagine my friendship with my children as adults to get through the day. I have a 6-year-old and 16-month-old twins. A good cry always makes me feel better ;)

  3. Oh My! This picture. It's amazing.


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