January 26, 2012


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This was the perfect afternoon activity. Quick and easy! Totally up my alley. Best of all, the girls were engaged as we were making it and loved playing with it after.

After we were done, I had them retell the whole process back to me. It was good to determine their retelling skills and their understanding of sequential order. Adding a bit of a twist to a little craft and applying it to comprehension.

When I was little, I remember frequently making my own ribbon wands using toilet paper. From what I remember, it didn't work so well. I just adored watching gymnastics and the girls who did the floor routine with the ribbon wands. I would pretend I was them. I thought they were so fancy and wanted to be fancy too! I think my girls feel pretty fancy with their own ribbon wands.

p.s. we had to move around our meal planning this week, so the menu for next week and recap of this week will be up tomorrow morning!


  1. Great idea! Love this fun, simple little project.

    I also love the idea to practice sequential order with the kiddos afterward. It's a great practical tie-in to something they'll already be captivated by.

    What a fun and thoughtful mom you are! :)

  2. what kind of watercolors?

  3. a girl w/a smile: a no name brand was what we used. they were in a tube and we just squeezed a bit into the water.

  4. oh my. the preschooler would LOVE this. thanks for sharing :)

  5. What a great idea I used to love making papermache as a little girl.
    Very creative look foward to more ideas.

  6. Cutest little idea! Love it! My niece Sophia would have a blast with this.

    xoxo, Jjanga

  7. Oh my girl's would love to do this!!!!!!!

  8. Great idea! My old church used to have a bunch of ribbon wands that they would pass out for use on Easter morning. Kids and those who were children at heart would use them to celebrate Christ's gift to us and the joy in our hearts with some whole body worship.

  9. love love love this idea, already pinned it on Pinterest

  10. so easy! my daughter has one + uses it constantly - dancing around the house - so much fun! x

  11. I love your idea. What girl doesn't love a ribbon wand? I remember having heaps of fun with mine as a girl, pretending to be a gymnast!

    Last year, I made some ribbon wands for a good friend's wedding and they turned out really nice! But your coloring idea really makes it extra special.

  12. What kind of fabric is used here?


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