December 8, 2011


out to schoolout to school
It's been kinda cold lately. California cold. So when it came time to get dressed for school, we just threw on whatever was cozy to keep her warm and something comfy enough for the playground. True says the playground is what school days are all about! And it wasn't raining, but rainboots were what was near as we were rushing out the door, so worked for me!

What is your idea of cozy comfy clothing?

p.s. thank you, thank you for all your votes so far! the contest ends friday at midnight, so keep 'em coming and you might just win a $250 gift certificate to any online retailer you want! vote/comment here.


  1. Her outfit looks cozy comfty and beautiful. So, this is a great outfit!
    I love the scarf and rainboots (altough it wasn't raining:))!

  2. Comfy clothings for me = sweater is a must. Then a scarf. And occasionally leg warmers! :) Even though it's a lot colder now, at least it's not super windy as last week!

    this reminded me of you!!

  4. My daughter wears rain boots year round! ha!

  5. i wear my rainboots to work when its not raining, too! haha!!! true is my rainboot twin!

  6. Living in Oregon you see people wearing rainboots every single day, even if it's not raining, you never know :)
    True's smiling face is precious... You and your man/GOD, did a great job puttin your little ladies together!

  7. what a cutie! the funny thing is i own those rainboots too, except i'm 25 =\ hahahahah

  8. She looks so grown up, except maybe for the dogbag;). I would love to own such rainboots! It doesn't really matter that I am almost 30, I would love to walk in those and get a happy feeling everytime I look at them!

    Love, Tabitha

  9. one word: LEGGINGS! I'm all about them, legging, jeggings, cord leggings they even have fleece lined leggings!


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