December 22, 2011


I have a few more things to craft up before all the official festivities begin, which will start for us on Christmas Eve. If you need a few last minute ideas, here are some easy ways to decorate for Christmas...
Easy tutorial to finger knitting here. Wool felt lights, I first made them long ago here. And felted bead balls is all we use to decorate our tree, just like last year. This year we just made more!

And of course, the sixth and final elf stocking has been made and is now hanging on the mantle...
glow's stocking
All that is left on the Christmas decoration making agenda is a wreath and something pretty for our Christmas Eve dinner table. Tomorrow I will give a little tour of a happily decorated space, if I remember in this crazy, busy time. Though the big happening at our place tomorrow is the making of lots of homemade tamales for Christmas Eve. I am so excited about the menu! Ben has lots of good things up his sleeve. My dear family, get excited!!!

What things do you have left to do before the official festivities begin?


  1. Great colors. I love the wool felt balls garland. We made some red pom pom ones last year. Was thinking to make some wool felt balls jewelry for my little girl. Happy Holiday.

  2. love the stocking, so cute!!
    love the blog too!
    xo dana

  3. eek! i love the wool felt lights. adorable.
    i wish Christmastime would last for a couple more weeks!

  4. I have too much to do!!

    But your decorations look great! Love your littlest elf's stocking!! Have fun with the tamales! Yum, yum. We did that one Christmas eve and it was so fun...we all helped make them and it was a celebration making them as much as eating them!

  5. the wool felt lights are so cute!

  6. Ooooh! I didn't even think of finger knitting garland! And that is one thing my tree is lacking! Wonder if it's too late....

  7. absolutely love the wool ligths! what a super cute idea!

  8. I LOVE all ideas!!! But I wonder, when do you take the time to make all these????? Have a lovely Xmas with your beautiful children!
    xox Nina

  9. Cool elf stocking! I am impressed, my littlest one have not jet gotten her own stocking, but next year I will make one for her too :-)
    Merry Christmas :-)

  10. I still have to buy for my inlaws!

    I wish I could have some of your tamales!

    I hope you like my gift, I am not as cool as you are!

  11. love all these ideas and your blog is so sweet. :) glad to have found you!
    and we're cutting a few things short this year because we're all getting sick. :( bleh.

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  13. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! God bless you! xoxo ♥

  14. Our Christmas tree is FULL of notes the children wrote to Santa. They are our favorite "ornaments". Now that the children are grown and have babies of their own, the notes are a reflection of a joyous past. Hold your babies close...they grow MUCH to fast!!!

  15. these are absolutely darling! i am in love with your blog! found it thru my friend at my suitcase heart :) makes me so happy. happy holidays!


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