December 1, 2011


hello december
Really? December? Already? Surely, I am not the only one that feels that way. November was good, but we never got to do our fall-ebration dinner. That's life though. We have some traditions, but if we don't get to it, that's alright. At least that is what I try to tell myself after getting frustrated for missing it. It is so busy here and we really can't do it all.

If you think I keep a well maintained house, manage to dress myself and my girls daily, and cook gourmet dinners every night, then you got it all wrong. We only get dressed when we know someone is coming over (even then, usually only 2 of the 4 girls are dressed), my house is really such a mess right now, and I rarely cook dinner. And most times I feel we are popping in some frozen food from Trader Joe's. We so need to get on some meal planning schedule for our home. Guess that can be a new year goal.

Some things that will make this month all sorts of busy...

- Soul turns two on December 3rd.

- Ben turns 37 on December 11th.

- Also, Ben's sister has her birthday on Dec. 4th, his mom Dec. 18th, and my brother Dec. 19th.

- Jesus' birthday is the biggest party of them all.

- Excited to gather with my church family with new little Glow in tow. I have missed fellowshipping with everyone.

- Holiday parties and family gatherings.

- Getting ready to host our first Christmas family dinner.

- Prepping for our New Year's Eve Bratcher dance party.

Me oh my! I am kinda nervous thinking about it all. And yes, I dyed my hair. I wanted to do something different and fun, though we still have one more step until my hair is where I want it. It is kinda nice having a sister who is a hairstylist.

Happy December 1st everyone! What are you most looking forward to this month?


  1. You have a lot going on but they're all great things!
    Happy December to the Bratchers

  2. I love your honesty. It is easy to get deceived by people's blogs.

  3. cool. december is busy for my family too. 3 siblings have birthdays in december (4th, 11th, & 27th). plus my bff and one nephew. it's endless fun!

  4. Cheers to lots of celebrating! Your sister did a great job with your hair color -- having dark hair myself, I'm spooked to go lighter b/c of the bleach, etc. Looking forward to seeing your full transformation! You are inspiring.

  5. My sister's baby is due Christmas Day - So excited that December is here! Ps. Really digging the new hair color so far!

  6. my friend is about to have a baby, a friend birthday is in two weeks and mine the week after that. I'm all for a month of celebrating :)
    love the hair colour x

  7. i love december! my favourite month! im looking forward to Christmas and all that means (fairy lights, Christmas movies on tv, gingerbread and of course Jesus' birthday), and im also looking forward to my birthday (although its the 31st, so it might as well be january) because im turning 18!! ahh. i love december.
    Happy birthday to Soul for tomorrow!- its already the 2nd of Dec in Australia! xx

  8. Birthdays of course! My boy is turning 4 on Dec 7 and my girl is turning 5 on Dec 11.
    Then its Christmas! hehehee..
    Have fun celebrating all your special occasions!

    p.s Love the new hair colour!!

  9. ah, so nice to know that I'm not the only one with a messy house! I also have loads of clean laundry just sitting there waiting to be folded.

    love the new hair :)

  10. fall isn't over yet...but it looks like December is pretty full for you so that fall-erbration dinner will probably need to be postponed until next're doing a great job raising that beautiful family!

  11. I love december because of the christmas smell it has!

    Hugs from Brazil!

  12. Your blog is a delight :)

    Im your new follower!

  13. After my 3d was born, we lived off of Trader Joes Frozen for the first few months. Memories...

  14. I seriously kept going back and forth, without reading to the end. Trying to figure out which sister you posted a picture of....

  15. Ruby!

    I love you and your honesty! You make it all seem so easy, and it's refreshing to know that you make life fun and don't have it all together and can be honest about it. You're an amazing mama and admire that your little ones come before all the other craziness that can accumulate within a matter of minutes and continue to build and build :) Thank you for sharing and being transparent and beautiful inside and out :)

  16. Thank you for your honesty. Some times i feel like such a loser reading blogs and can't help but compare myself to them. You guys rock. God bless!!

  17. Happy December! Happy Birthday Ben & Soul :) PS...I love your new hair color ...can't wait to see the finished color.

  18. I love when you offer up little doses of reality on your blog. Also, I must say, your blonde hair is quite gorgeous.


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