November 17, 2011


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vh, vt: fall days aheadvh, vt: fall days aheadvh, vt: fall days aheadvh, vt: fall days ahead
Having four girls is fun because I love dressing them up! Also, they love playing dress up and getting dressed up, but sometimes it isn't so fun to clean up the mess they make after they take down all their clothes to play with. 'Tis a house full of girls and I am sure the closet wars will only get worse from here. One day it won't be me battling them about their clothes everywhere, but they will be battling each other about who gets to wear what and when. Those days will be crazy I am sure.

For now though, I enjoy having a say in what they wear and that they love the clothes I pick out for them (most days). This day though, True and I had a battle (look at her face in these pictures, it is obvious I won). She wanted to wear a dress, but I wanted her to wear this romper. If this romper were in my size, I would wear it!

We had to go to my BFF's mom's house for her birthday dinner and I welcomed the chance to get dress and leave the house! That is a rarity these days, since we are waiting for Glow's 3 month to officially take her out, so if she stays home, so do I because I am her source of food.

I am not wearing much vintage here, except one of my bracelets. I love vintage a lot and a lot of my closet is comprised of it, but I (and I am sure Rachel too) do not wear it everyday. We don't get dressed up everyday either! I do try to look a little put together daily, but that is only if the stars are aligned in the morning and all the kids are cooperating and I can sneak off to shower. But I also have those days where I don't even get to brush my teeth until right before Ben comes home. This is real life folks!
vh, vt: fall days ahead
vh, vt: fall days aheadvh, vt: fall days aheadvh, vt: fall days aheadvh, vt: fall days ahead
on me: oriole fashioned flattery dress: c/o modcloth. boots: dolce vita. thick gold bracelet: vintage. thin leather & gold bracelets: handmade by anne potter.
on true: plaid romper: c/o minikin. knee highs: target. boots: h&m.
on brave: shirt & jumper: vintage. leggings: misha lulu (we love these a lot!). boots: last year siaomimi via gilt.
on soul: bow: made by me. dress: vintage. sweater: vintage. leggings: target. shoes: pediped.

I am totally loving all boots and all those deep yellows, oranges, and reds in clothing. Fall is my favorite season and though we don't get that gorgeous change of color here in SoCal, I still love this time of year so much. If maneuvering about with 4 kids were easy, we definitely would be taking advantage of the nice fall weather and leave the house more often, but I am not that brave of a mama!

Some vintage lovelies for fall: fringe mocs, yellow shirtdress, wicker handbag, red & navy stripe vest, and gingham dress.

I love seeing Rachel's posts and living my dream fall through them. It seems that Springfield is so gorgeous this time of year and everyone can get all cute and bundled up! Make sure you head over to Rachel's and see what pretties they are wearing because her and her gang, especially that little Miss Ruby is always a whole load of style inspiration!

p.s. socal friends... you should go to this pop-up shop this weekend! lots of pretty kid goodies!!!

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  1. I have just come from Rachel's... And like I wrote there: I love vintage! (You can find some post about vintage clothes on my site,too. Just a few. But I have still some vintage to show. :))

    Your girls an you are beautiful as always. I love your outfits!

  2. I really like True's outfit so much today! I'm kinda glad you won ;)

  3. i love trues face!!! shes a stinker!!! and as always you girls look beautiful!!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your REAL life with us. That's why you're one of my very favorite bloggers :)

  5. true is SUCH a model! that serious face! oww owww!

  6. That color on your looks great! I love the little bow on Soul, I've been wanting to make some for my girls.

  7. You and Rachel's VHVT posts are so fun! You and your girls are beautiful. :)

  8. You are all so adorable!
    Your girls are absolutely precious!

  9. Seriously?! Oh my gracious, your family is just too stinking precious!

    I just found you through Casey and I'm a new follower!


  10. What typeface did you use on 'Vintage here, Vintage there' picture, it would go perfectly with some little thank you cards I'm making but i can't find one quite that gorgeous.
    I love your blog by the way, your girls are beautiful!

    x x x


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