November 30, 2011


out to schoolout to schoolout to school
{where from again? vintage dress: 3ringcircus; leggings: gap kids; boots: thrifted.}

This little lady was quite helpful and got herself ready for school all by herself. Kinda nice since it frees me up so I can get changed and the other girls ready. I think she was going for her own sort of bohemian look. Kid version. Ooh! Gives me an idea... I should make her a long flowy skirt. I think she would love that. Will definitely add that to my project list!

Ah! It's the last day of November. I can hardly believe it!


  1. True looks gorgeous! I am very envious of her stunning wardrobe.

  2. So cute! I love when kids pick out their own clothes and show off their style so young.

  3. She has a good sense of style!! All the pictures are so cute, but the first one is so cute!

  4. Too cute! I love. You should encourage this creativity every day! x

  5. Cute little beauty.
    And she really has style!

  6. Dear True (and Ruby;),

    You chose wonderful clothes to wear to school! It looks so cheerful together, it makes me smile!

    Love, Tabitha

  7. she's got good taste!

  8. Cute! I think she's gonna set a trend :)
    Also, just wondering if you ever posted how delivery went with Glow? Did the hypnobirthing help out a lot? Love to hear!

  9. jenny- yes! it went superbly well! i haven't. it is written, but quite long, but i have to go back and check for grammatical errors. soon, i hope!

  10. she is way better at pattern mixing than i could ever be!! love it!!

  11. Precious :)
    She reminds me of Lily the mouse with those red boots, from those Kevin Henkes' books. Have you read them? They were my favorite growing up.


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