November 11, 2011


Oh boy! It seems as I have disappeared a bit. I needed to unplug from this space and listen to the ruminations of my heart. My carpet tunnel was acting up, I was starting to feel a bit dry in my walk with God, and was not feeling the joy as I served my family, so I have been taking the time to refocus on those things that really mattered. It definitely has been infinitely better for my soul to take this much needed break off.

Learned and links...

- True takes advantage of Soul not talking and sometimes blames her for things she didn't do.

- Glow coos and smiles a little!

- This book is really good. I am already convicted just at the intro!

- Encouraged by this post from Annie.

- Loving my clog boots from here. Can't wait to share them!

- I think I got my Christmas shopping list figured out.

- This and this pop-up shop will no doubt be amazing for Christmas shopping.

I will be back in this space next week and am trying to get caught up in emails, so if I owe you one, it will be coming soon. Thank you so much for your support and understanding friends!


  1. Oh my! Your Glow is giving me baby fever... and my youngest just turned one! What are you doing to me? So, so sweet!

  2. :) glows so cute

    and we totally undertsand. Your load kinda multiplied in the last few months

  3. she is such a beautiful baby! those first coos and smiles are so special. you are inspiring...good for you to know when it's time for a little break and actually doing it. ;)

  4. Your blog is always a pleasure to read, take your time I know as a mother of four how busy life gets. :)

  5. She is sooo beautiful! She's so adorable!

  6. just want to hug him, he's adorable
    come and visit my blog, if you like it follow me:)

  7. what a cute picture!! i love your lil baby!!

  8. oh! we know the Chesters . . . they are lovely! have you read Total Church (or the smaller version - the Gospel Centered Church)? They were so fantastically helpful and refreshing to us when we were church planting in Spain and were striving to love and understand community and mission. please do read them! I think you'll love them!

  9. She is so beautiful!

    Take your time...

  10. it's not easy being a mother to four. heck, it's not easy being a mother to one. hang in there. we miss reading your posts, but God and family come first.


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