October 27, 2011


halloween here

halloween herehalloween herehalloween herehalloween herehalloween here
We are ready for some spooky celebrating! We have little ghosts on the mantle, our little boo sign, and I made little masks to disguise our little lambs. Festive enough, yet still sweet enough. Oh! And we have a little spider hanging out in the corner.

I think we are officially ready for Halloween, especially since all the costumes are done! Yay! I was kinda stressing about those, but no need to anymore as they are done, folded, and waiting for Monday. Now, I move on to the rest of the things that need to get done this week, like cleaning the mess I made while sewing.

Anyone in L.A. free this Saturday? I will be attending a tailgating event hosted by GLAD® and eco-friendly celebrity mom, Ali Larter at USC between 2-5 pm. It will be a vintage inspired tailgate and there will be lots of fun family activities and food. Also, I will be interviewing Ali Larter to get her recycling tips on how to be an eco-friendly mom. Anyone else curious about anything or have any questions you might want me to ask Ali Larter? She was on the show Heroes, which Ben and I liked a lot in its first couple seasons. I must admit I am a bit nervous as I have never interviewed anyone before, so let's just hope I don't fall flat on my face. Well, if you got any questions for her or any tips for me, do share! And if you plan to go, let me know!

p.s. misha lulu is having an awesome sale of her pretty items over at mini social. see here.


  1. wow! that is so exciting that you are interviewing ali!! what an experience. you will be amazing at it i'm sure : )

    love the little lamb masks!

  2. looooove your home!

    good luck with the interview!! i know you'll be great and charming as usual.

    i'll be at USC, but i'll be busy preparing for the game because i'm in the marching band! it's also Parents Weekend and my folks are on a plane now from Chicago. take lots of pics of the tailgate, it sounds amazing! fight on!

  3. I love the little kokeshi ghosts!!! And the "boo" ... I love seeing what the girls create. It seems like just yesterday that they were painting their first kokeshi. Whenever I miss having little kids in the house (which is all the time), I come over to your blog!

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  5. i absolutely LOVE everything about this entry. especially the little masks and the boo. and the spiderweb on the chalkboard. heart. okay going to stop gushing now!

    i (like daphane ^ who i've had a class w/!) am a usc student but i won't be on campus because i'll be at the Pan Pacific Film (Christian media!) Festival https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=287090414634621

    but if by chance i return early i would hope our paths cross :)

  6. I loved her in Legally Blonde too! lol =)

    How exciting!! good luck, can't wait to read about it!

  7. those ghosts are so cute!! and the spider... i love it all.

  8. My husband and I are right in the middle of watching Heroes right now! We just started season 2lat night. Ali is great. Good luck with the interview!

    Loulou @ Loulou Downtown

  9. i love the bank robber lambs!



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