September 9, 2011


her days as the baby continues
With every passing day I am still pregnant, this little one gets one day extra of being the baby! I don't think she minds all that much.

Learned and links...

- The girls love calling me "teacher" while we are doing school.

- Ben just learned I don't like popcorn.

- My girls need to work on immediate "right away, all the way, with a happy heart" obedience. They have been really bad at it lately.

- Soulie hates people touching her food or bothering her when eating.

- True doesn't really like to eat breakfast of late. I think we need to find something new for her to eat, instead of just O's all the time.

- True has a new friend named Chloe.

- My sister has the most honest reflections.

- Twitter is all sorts of fun! And instagram makes it even better!

- We are so ready for baby to come!

Happy weekending folks... I wonder what our weekend has in store for us!


  1. smoothies work really well for us when breakfast doesn't take :)

  2. are you on instagram Teacher? I am!!!
    That picture is yummmmmy!

  3. Is it preggie's taste ~dislike popcorn?

    Enjoy while last..... relax... have fun

  4. Oh your wee one is such a cutie! Happy last few preggy days!!

    Ngaio May xx

  5. I'm actually not a fan of popcorn. And that just started this year in fact the smell of it makes me sick.

    i hope all the girls take the new baby well including your soulie!

  6. Haha so cute.

    I don't like popcorn either...but that's funny that Ben just realized it for you! I've always tried to like popcorn because I feel left out at movies, but there is something about the taste and texture that I can't get past...

    Wishing you all the best for your impending labor! :) It must be so hard to wait!

  7. Before it's too late I want to wish you a happy labor! Hope your hypno birthing makes the time lovely and relaxing and somewhat easier.
    Think of all the shirt dresses you can wear again soon like the sunspots anthro one! Still love mine..
    Btw I am so obsessed with red and white and checks even more so. Can you tell me about Soulies top? She is so darling btw

  8. This baby of yours is so cute! And you've got another one comming out! I say it's gonna be a boy! Hope to see if I am right or wrong soon! I'm sure we are all waiting!

  9. Yes, please, what about Soulie's top?

  10. oh, i LOVE instagram! best app EVER.


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