September 3, 2011


True had a request. She said it was her dream that we go and eat inside Arby's. That seemed like a simple enough dream to make come true and that is what we did on our Friday night.
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We do eat fast food on occasion and mostly when we are on the run and need something quick or on our road trips. We know we need to expose our daughters to those types of foods as well, though as long as all is done in moderation. Arby's is one of our go-to places for quickie food and I guess she must have always wondered what it is like to eat in one of those drive-through places. It was a super cute request. Thus, yesterday marked our first time as family eating inside a fast food joint. It was a nice, cheap way to spend a Friday night.

It's Labor Day weekend for those stateside and we are wondering if labor day will have a whole new meaning for us. We will see. I have been having practice surges (the word for contractions in hypnobirthing terms) for a couple days now, but I hardly think I will go into labor on Monday. The weekend will be for finishing up some things to be ready for baby. The biggest thing on the agenda is taking maternity family pictures, so that will be done today. Yay!!!

This week's learned and links...

- True is super excited about school and wants to go every day!

- Brave is pretty good with math concepts, though she doesn't quite have hand-eye coordination for writing.

- Soul is out growing her crib and she climbed out of it and hurt herself.

- Can't wait to see more from this new blog (also one of my sponsors).

- I so want jeans like this when this baby comes out.

- These boots are on my list too. Mom (and dad), I would gladly take this as a push present! *wink*

- I need to have more joy (in Christ) daily. I don't really think the things spewing from my heart are that great of late.

Enjoy this long weekend friends and if I do happen to make a trip to the hospital, if you are following on twitter, you may just know about it!


  1. what awesome pictures! love the facial expressions. Do they ever get tired of the pictures? Or do they just know this is my mama she loves it!

  2. manda- they don't seem to mind the constant paparazzi from me! ;)

  3. I recently found high-waisted skinny jeans at Anthropologie (called the Farrah) and am thrilled!

  4. sounds like a delightful family dinner! here are a few fun activities to help with hand to eye coordination. stickers with paper backs or bandages are super fun for wee ones to play with and ti takes a while to get those backs off. gotta use yer fingers! painting with eyedroppers! i do this with toddlers and they LOVE it. and finally, see if you can find a past sunflower head full of seeds, a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers. unless of course there is an allergy then use kiddo connected chopstick and pom-poms. you can use a timer as well to turn it into a game!

    yay for new things and school and a soon-to-arrive family member!

  5. awww they are such cuties! but the picture with only soulie in it (with the straw) is so adorable. i'm freaking out, aww!

  6. omgosh That picture in the yellow car is the bomb!

  7. those jeans are super duper cute! though i haven't rocked jeans since my early 20's... i have no clue why, but my wardrobe consists mainly of skirts and dresses.

  8. My sister's birthday is on Sunday and my birthday is on Monday! Apparently my Mum enjoyed being in labour on Labour Day weekend :) Praying for you, as I know your time is coming soon!!

  9. i can't wait to see those family portraits!!

  10. Great attitude about fast food. Loove it.


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