August 9, 2011

vintage here, vintage there: fair edition

vh, vt
One of our adventures this weekend brought us to the OC Fair, which has become a family tradition to visit every summer. Rachel also happened to tweet they were going to go to their local fair, so we agreed it would be fun to see what vintage wears we give some lovin' for both our family trips to the fair.
vh, vtVH, VT
We went to the fair first thing Saturday morning because it was only 2 bucks to get in and it was kinda lovely going that early because it wasn't crowded and the heat hadn't set in yet. We didn't spend too long at the fair, since we had just been at Disneyland the day before and things at the fair are kind of expensive (We spent more there than at Disneyland, granted we got into Disneyland for free cause my sister works there.). We let the girls ride a few rides, did our traditional photo booth pictures, went to our traditional photo spots, and grabbed something to eat. Ben and I have concluded fair food smells better than it tastes and isn't really worth the money (at least for us). Will this stop us from coming back next year? Probably not. It's tradition after all.
Can you believe next year when we go we will have 4 little ones?! I can't wait to see that picture.

We didn't all wear vintage on this day. True and Brave wore one of our fave children labels, Misha Lulu, which they often wear if they aren't wearing vintage. The summer staple you see the girls wearing all the time are Saltwater Sandals. Those really are the best summer shoes around and we have them in about every color and every size. They are worth every penny, especially since I can pass them down between all my kids. Our most recent acquisition are True's brown ones which were given to us from Tea.

Soul and I were the only ones sportin' some re-loved goodies. Soulie's nautical top would be especially cute with some sailor pants, which are on my to-do list to make. Don't you think sailor pants with that top would be adorable on my little babe?
on me: dress, vintage (thrifted and altered). belt, forever21. shoes, vintage via capricious traveler.
on true: dress, misha lulu. shoes, saltwaters c/o Tea. hairclip, made by me.
on brave: dress, misha lulu. shoes, saltwaters.
on soul: shirt, vintage via ms. tips. shorts, misha lulu. shoes, freshly picked.

Summer is quickly fading away with the school year fast approaching. Though, I know here in Southern California the heat sticks around until mid-October, so we will definitely still be dressing for the warmer weather. I am also getting our wardrobe ready for the Fall and when it is time for me to pull out all my shirt dresses again. It will be back to nursing for me soon enough...

Pretties for the heat and for the cool: peachy keen, gingham wiggle, salmon floral, girl scouts, and dorothy dress.

I could totally see any of those dresses paired with some cute sandals for the summer and some boots or oxfords layered with a sweater for the fall. The only things I am loving about summer is the plethora of tomatoes we are getting and the fact I am addicted to sandals. Other than that, I am totally ready for fall to make an arrival.

Make sure you go "over there" and see what the Denbows wore on their trip to the fair. According to Rachel, it was hot, hot, hot in Missouri!


  1. you all look adorable! i have to get me some of those saltwater sandals!

  2. ^^I agree about the saltwaters.

    Plus, the pictures of the girls are all so precious! What darlings!

  3. what a fun photos, I love the colorful backgrounds and of course the cutest girls with adorable outfits:) can't wait to see the sailor pants!

  4. you look simply smashing! love all the colors in these pictures!

  5. Gorgeous photos, I'm loving that backdrop!

    We also go to our local fair every single year even though it costs a lot and we see the same things each year. It just makes for a lovely spring family day out.

    Thank you for sharing Rubyellen.

  6. Have to love the colors at the fair. You guys all look so cute. As I mentioned I rarely can get my girls to wear anything I want them to so in our fair pics, Katie is wearing a whole lot of pink and purple together.

  7. Your girls are so adorable, and now I want to find a fair to go to (although being 10 days away from D-day, I don't know that I could tolerate the heat and the crowds).

  8. What fun images! And you look lovely...

  9. we are big saltwater sandal fans over here too! i love all the colors :)

  10. I love it! So sweet and adorable! Ya'll really are one great looking bunch!

  11. Darling photos! Why haven't I bought my own daughters saltwater sandals yet?!

  12. hi!

    i just wanted to let you know i blogged specifically about all the swag and goodies from the snap it pretty workshop. I didn't know if you wanted to reference to it for your future workshops when showing the blog space each shop would receive if they donate to the workshop. i know it took me awhile, but it did happen! :)

    here ya go:


  13. ps, i just LOVE soul's booties. :)

  14. Oohh you have suck a a good lookin' family. I miss these types of fairs. I remember there being tons around town when I was little, but there are hardly any anymore.

  15. i always love looking at your family pictures and the facial expressions your girls make!
    I agree with fair food - I think they raise the price each year. I'm heading to one Sunday.
    Seems like you had a great time!

  16. You are all so cute, I love your big baby belly! Sailor pants…is that a hint?? ;)

  17. Hi Rubyellen, love the colour of the photos again. Nice to chat to you yesterday too!

  18. oh my goodness, what a sweet little family

  19. I love how your photos pop with color! Your children are precious and oh my gosh. You look gorgeous. I hope I can look half as good as you the next time I am in baby bump mode!


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