August 14, 2011

sponsor spots available

This photo was taken by True. She has been asking to take more pictures lately.

It's mid-month and September is coming around fast! My baby is a-comin' so I am trying to get things squared away before the month changes. Subscribers and site visits are growing with each passing day and sponsorship is a good way to get your shop or blog out there! I love vintage, shopping, crafting, and deliciously healthy food, so if you love any of those things, it may just be a perfect fit. If interested, just shoot me an email at mycakies(at)gmail(dot)com and I will get you the rate and info sheet. Grab your spot now!


  1. Such a cute photo of you.. Your daughter sure knows how to work that camera!

  2. haha! she is a pretty good photographer! and i want some lemonade now.


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