August 12, 2011

huzzah, friday!

love her sleeping
Another week gone. Crazy! That means another week closer to baby. We are so excited. We actually thought we had a baby name this week (at least closer to one), but then we aren't sure again. The girls and I prayed together for some things this morning and one of them was for a baby name. God will answer that prayer in his due time.

Tomorrow will be fun as these two creative gals are way too kind and loving and are throwing me a baby shower, though I insisted they didn't need to. I am excited though cause when these two get their heads together (and throw in some other amazing heads) it always turns out amazing. Have you seen the last one they threw me? Yeah. Told you, amazing.

This week's learned and links...

- Dressing this ginormous belly is getting really hard.

- My BFF is raising money for her classroom library. You can help out here (even a buck helps!), and the great thing is Lakeshore will match it if she reaches 300 buckaroos! Come on and give to a classroom in need!

- If you can, you should go to this sale. So many pretties! I have already taken a peek (and maybe bought a couple things)...

- Being at a teaching/homeschool conference made me miss being in the classroom, but I still would much rather be home.

- Ben and I really want to work on life on life with others and not be so us family consumed. We are kinda slow moving people though, but we pray God will direct us.

- It is important to create a vision statement to aid in our direction as a homeschooling family. Currently a work in progress...

- This thought haunted me from last week's message... What things excite me? Am I as eager and excited to plan and do good works to bless our neighbors as the thing(s) that really excite me? The answer is no. I honestly get more excited about family time, shoes, vintage pretties, and shopping in general. Oh man...

What things have you been learning lately?


  1. I have been learning that the reason Jesus told us to "love our enemies, do good to those who hate you, and bless those who curse you" in Luke 6.27-28 is because it's so hard to do. And that the people hardest to love unconditionally are those who come in to your family as an in-law, because they don't always share the values and traditions you were raised with.

    Also, I've learned that etsy is a very, very dangerous place for me to look at when I'm bored and have money in my bank account! :)

  2. I've had a baby name idea for you floating around in my head! I don't know if I should leave it here for you or email it to you???

    Happy Saturday,

  3. I really enjoy your sponsor links. My blog reading list is long so I don't go looking for new blogs but I love when a blogger I enjoy (like you) shares blogs. Just subscribed to Mama loves Papa, thanks for the suggestion!!

  4. I just found your blog... it's beautiful! I literally scrolled through for less than 5 minutes before following on bloglovin :)
    What I've been learning lately is to listen to my body when it comes to my fitness and eating regime... I've been feeling a little under the weather for almost a month now and I'm trying to figure it out on my own based on just feeling!

  5. Maybe try H(e)art (e is optional) or Ja or Wave?

  6. EEK! i am the same way... i must learn to not covet material goods so often... but it's hard, oh man is it hard!


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